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Pronetko Networks oy

Jukka Värri
Radanrakentajantie 4 00520
Helsinki, Uusimaa
Jukka Värri

Pronetko Networks Oy consults and implements Linux-based client and server systems and solutions.

Committed to delivering innovation, Pronetko Networks Oy collaborates with its clients and partners to help them benefit from the power of Linux, Samba, PHP and MySQL solutions.

Pronetko Networks is a privately held company, founded in 2000. The company headquarter is in Helsinki, Finland.

WasaLab Ltd

postal address:
    P.O.Box 365, FIN-65101 Vaasa, Finland
street address:
    Laivakatu 13C, FIN-65100 Vaasa, Finland
+358-44-767 7770 or +358-44-767 7777
CEO Juhani Puska,

WasaLab provides wide Samba support, from huge many Terabyte systems to low end Samba "team servers". We use GNU/Linux as platform on our solutions. MS Active Directory knowledge is also in professional level. Open Source is our business, licences 0e, customer pays only for real work, when we put it working!

Open source specialist/integrator, linux/BSD etc

Specialty samba capabilities: Integration to LDAP/AD in many ways. Also single installations. Printer servers and many more recording customers needs.


Nowadays, the Samba Team needs a dollar instead of pizza ;-)

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