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Bruno Skjold Andersen

Midtfyns Computer Center offer a complete solution for companies who wishes to implement a Samba server in their corporate network. This includes presales information, installation, configuration, updates and support. If necessary, the portation from former servers such as Microsoft Windows NT servers, are also taken care of.

For those who may be interested but not sure if this is a safe solution that may handle their needs fully, it is possible to borrow a server from here for a period in order to try out the system. Thus it won't be necessary to make a complete portation right away, the server will only act as a supplement in this period and won't interfere with the existing setup. We're confident that after such a period of trial, you won't let go of this server again, but wish to port your existing server(s) to this platform.

Beside the Samba server, UNIX platforms offer a wide range of other options such as web servers, mailservers, DNS servers, firewalls, database servers etc. - you name it!


Nowadays, the Samba Team needs a dollar instead of pizza ;-)

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