The documentation (and in particular the man pages) given on this web page are taken from the latest development version of Samba. If you are using an earlier version of Samba then you may find some differences.


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Contributions are always welcome to Samba documentation. Like everything else concerning Samba, these docs are maintained by members of the Samba community, and any help is much appreciated. Contributions can be simple typo corrections or a write up of new or previously undocumented features.

The documentation is located in the docs-xml directory in each release branch. Please see the Samba Wiki for information about the release branches and a short introduction into git.

Documentation "patches" can be reported through bugzilla. From the bugzilla home page, select 'Enter a new bug report,' choose the appropriate Samba branch, and finally, on the bug report form, specify 'Docs' in the component menu. Don't forget to attach your documentation fixes against the Docbook XML source files (not the generated man pages).

Samba Books

Find Samba books on the Samba Books page.

Further Online Resources

IETF RFC 1001: Protocol Standard for a NetBIOS Service on a TCP/UDP Transport: Concepts and Methods
IETF STD #19, March, 1987
IETF RFC 1002: Protocol Standard for a NetBIOS Service on a TCP/UDP Transport: Detailed Specifications
IETF STD #19, March, 1987
Implementing CIFS: References
Christopher R. Hertel
NetBIOS, NetBEUI, NBF, SMB, and CIFS networking
Timothy D. Evans
NetBIOS Specification
Gavin Winston
SNIA Storage Developer Conference
Storage Network Industry Association
Unicode in the Unix Environment
Roman Czyborra


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