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Posthoflei 1 bus 3
Berchem, 2600
Peter Dens

Kangaroot is Belgium's number one Linux & Open Source service provider, since 2000. With three key market focusses : Solutions & Services, Training & Software Development.

Samba installations have no secrets for us, we're strong in integrating with existing environments & directories and you can count on our support when something goes wrong. If you want to learn more about Samba, our training division can help you out.

Specialty samba capabilities: - Integration - Training

IT-OPTICS S.A. - Open-Source Solutions & Services

Boulevard Initialis, 28
7000 MONS

Website :
Phone : +32 65 84 23 85
Email : samba [ at ]
Contact people : Gaƫtan SLONGO, Lorenzo BASSANI

IT-OPTICS is an IT services company based in Mons (Belgium) and especially active in Wallonia and Brussels. We are specialized in Linux & Open Source solutions since 2000 (see our website). Our core-buisiness are Solutions & Services based on Open-Source Solutions and Software Development. We are active in Samba integration since the beginning (2000) with a strong experience on this activity. Our customers are diversified by size and origin (Government/Private, Small/Medium/Large business). We are now focusing on Samba 4+ integration with already some very relevant references on that field.

Specialty samba capabilities: Analysis, Integration/Migration, Customer Support, Training of technical teams


Nowadays, the Samba Team needs a dollar instead of pizza ;-)

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