Commercial Support - Canada

Digital Adrenaline

PO Box 29085 Hidden Valley Post Office
Calgary, Alberta
Kevin Anderson

Linux and Open Source support for Small and Medium Businesses.

Samba and LDAP configuration for businesses seeking a replacement for their legacy Microsoft servers. From single server installs up to multinational companies with servers interacting in geographically separate offices.

Just A Guy Enterprises

3766 Marlowe Ave.
Montreal, Quebec
Canada H4A 3M1
Greg Dickie

Just A Guy Enterprises provides technical consulting services tailored exactly to your business needs. With 20 years of experience in software development ranging from the web to military systems, we have a wealth of experience to draw from to provide you with exactly what you need.

> Specialty samba capabilities: Using samba to replace or enhance an existing windows infrastructure, or, starting from scratch.

Netdigix Systems INC

170 - 422 Richards street
Vancouver, British Columbia
Nathan Jang

Samba consulting, samba in business networks, samba integration with windows networks.

Net Direct Inc.

564 Weber Street North Unit 11
Waterloo, ON N2L 5C6
Chris Burgess

Net Direct is Canada's premier Linux solutions provider and an IBM premier partner. We offer a wide range of Linux solutions including Samba and Windows integration solutions. We also offer Samba consulting, support and system integration solutions.

Specialty samba capabilities: Domain controller, LDAP and Directory integration, clustering, advanced file sharing.


15439 133st
Edmonton, Alberta
Casey MacDonald

Operating systems (W95/98, ME, NT, W2K, XP, Linux)

Database applications (Access, MySQL, MSSQL)

Computer hardware (IBM, COMPAQ, DELL, Seanix, clones)

Networking (TCP/IP, IPX/SPX)

Systems design (business profiles, network management, back-up routines, turnkey databases, e-commerce)

Today, more than ever, technology gives businesses of all sizes the ability to have a corporate presence. With the explosion of the internet and high speed connections, SRVTOOLS has expanded its abilities to service the home market as well as the office. SRVTOOLS can help your business get in touch with today's high tech world. Take advantage of its expertise and experience to help your business flourish above the competition.

Savoir-faire Linux

7275, Saint Urbain, Office 200
Montreal, QC
Maxime Chambreuil

Savoir-faire Linux is an IT consulting firm committed to providing businesses with high-quality, effective, innovative, secure and openended solutions for projects involving technological framework, integration, operations, development and personnel training related to all opensourced systems and especially the Linux platform.

Specialty samba capabilities: training, development, consulting and support

Special Notes: We have 2 other offices in Canada : in Quebec City : 275, rue du Parvis, Office 310, Quebec City, QCin Ottawa : 151, Slater Street, Office 504, Ottawa, ON

LANified! IT Services

Calgary Alberta, Canada

We provide professional support and implementation services for Samba, Linux, FreeNAS/ZFS and many other open source technologies. In regards to Samba, this includes stand-alone installations, or systems that integrate Samba such as FreeNAS and others. Generally if Samba can do it, we support it. This includes "Windows" network shares (SMB), Samba interfacing with Windows infrastructure, Samba performing Active Directory functionality, Samba printing services, and more! Our services are available to Businesses, Organisations and Residential clients alike. While we do provide technical service coverage to the greater Calgary Alberta Canada area, we also provide coverage to International clients too.

Open source technology such as Samba is at the core of our infrastructure, we "eat our own dog food" every day; as a result our systems are extremely reliable and fast! We bend technology to meet the functional needs of our clients, and typically we find that open source technology such as Samba is the most flexible for meeting functional needs.

To contact us directly just E-Mail us. Or if you want to know more, browse our website and consider asking us some questions, via E-Mail or on-site submission forms.

Reality Infyormation Systems

42 rue Guy
Vaudreuil,  QC
Amir Al-Shourbaji

We provide open source consulting services focused on heterogeneous network environments for SME.

Specialty samba capabilities: OpenLDAP Backends for use in heterogeneous environments.

Special Notes: If you need help compiling this list, I would be willing to do that in any way you like!


Nowadays, the Samba Team needs a dollar instead of pizza ;-)

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