Mailing List Etiquette

A few tips when submitting to this or any mailing list.

  1. Make your subject short and descriptive. Avoid the words "help" or "Samba" in the subject. The readers of this list already know that a) you need help, and b) you are writing about samba (of course, you may need to distinguish between Samba PDC and other file sharing software). Avoid phrases such as "what is" and "how do i". Some good subject lines might look like "Slow response with Excel files" or "Migrating from Samba PDC to NT PDC".
  2. If you include the original message in your reply, trim it so that only the relevant lines, enough to establish context, are included. Chances are (since this is a mailing list) we've already read the original message.
  3. Trim irrelevant headers from the original message in your reply. All we need to see is a) From, b) Date, and c) Subject. We don't even really need the Subject, if you haven't changed it. Better yet is to just preface the original message with "On [date] [someone] wrote:".
  4. Recipients who repeatedly send mailer daemon or vacation messages to list posters will be unsubscribed without warning. Correctly implemented vacation programs should not respond to mailing list postings.
  5. Please be aware that mail to these lists will be distributed to many subscribers, and will be permanently and publicly archived. In general we will not remove posted messages from the archives. Exceptions are described in our archive editing policy.
  6. Please don't reply to or argue about spam, spam filters or viruses on any Samba lists. We do have a spam filtering system that is working quite well thank you very much but occasionally unwanted messages slip through. Deal with it.
  7. Never say "Me too." It doesn't help anyone solve the problem. Instead, if you ARE having the same problem, give more information. Have you seen something that the other writer hasn't mentioned, which may be helpful?
  8. If you ask about a problem, then come up with the solution on your own or through another source, by all means post it. Someone else may have the same problem and is waiting for an answer, but never hears of it.
  9. Give as much *relevant* information as possible such as Samba release number, OS, kernel version, etc...
  10. Do not send test mails to the mailing lists, this annoys all the other people on the list. Test mail senders risk being blacklisted otherwise.
  11. RTFM. Search the net for solutions before asking the mailing list.
  12. Further generic collaboration guidelines of the Samba Team are written down in the Wiki.


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