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Samba is discussed on two IRC channels on the Libera.Chat network (


User questions about Samba can be asked in this channel. Please keep a few things in mind:

  • Make sure you have read the right parts of the documentation before asking a question.
  • Don't ask if there is anybody who can help, just ask your question. If there is somebody who knows the answer, (s)he will reply.
  • Make sure you are either running the latest version of Samba or have verified that your problem is not fixed in a later release than the one you are running.
  • If you desperately need an answer and nobody is answering on IRC, try the mailing lists.


This channel is the equivalent of the samba-technical mailinglist. It is used by the developers to discuss Samba internals and development.

Note: This channel is for discussion about development issues only, not for questions about problems with Samba! has a couple of general notes about behaviour in IRC channels.


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