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Quite a few vendors use Samba as part of a larger product. This gives them a top-quality SMB server with the flexibility to modify the server to suit their products needs.

If you are a vendor that uses Samba in your product and you want to include some information about your product on this page please send mail to webeditor. Please also mail us if you find that this information is out-of-date.

For information on vendors that support the standard version of Samba see the Samba Support page.

American Megatrends Inc.

American Megatrends Inc. (AMI) -- the leader in storage and computing innovations worldwide -- creates and manufactures the key hardware and software solutions for the global computer marketplace. AMI's extensive product line includes BIOS, network attached storage (NAS) hardware and software, diagnostic software, remote server management, motherboards, backplanes, driver/firmware development, chassis design and integrated systems. With these product groups, AMI is uniquely positioned to provide all of the fundamental components necessary to offer complete system performance, manageability and availability for today's enterprise computing requirements. AMI is the only company in the industry today offering all of these core technologies.

StorTrends NAS software v2.2 based on Linux, which is offered to the channel market on AMI's StorTrends 2104 hardware and as a standalone software to OEMs, supports a variety of network storage applications and its flexible architecture and performance allows administrators to implement it for a wide range of storage applications. Small- to high-end businesses and home office users can create 'plug-n-run' storage with the NAS software and create advanced, fast backup and departmental or group level storage.

AMI currently supports Samba in its StorTrends NAS Software.

The NAS software can be used from anywhere and supports a variety of languages, including Simplified Chinese, Japanese, Korean, French and German. A new graphical user interface (GUI) makes it easy for additional languages to be supported and enables customers of this software to address foreign markets.

Additional enhancements include a fast hardware setup, increased reliability with mirroring support, Explorer-like consolidated storage management, an active dashboard with a graphical component for management and enhanced Active Directory Services (eADS) support that allows administrators to easily change the access rights from the client. For more information, visit or contact

ApplicanceWare / Optifacio

ApplianceWare provides appliance software for application delivery on appliances. The general ApplianceWare platform offers advanced application services and management capabilities based on the Common Information Model (CIM). ApplianceWare is a market leading Network Attached Storage (NAS) software solution for the OEM, VAR, and Integrator market. The software is currently available worldwide and currently supports English, Japanese, Simplified Chinese, Traditional Chinese, Russian, German, and French languages.

ApplianceWare NAS is developed by OptiFacio, Inc. which is an active member and supporter of the Samba development community. The latest Samba technologies are a core part of the ApplianceWare NAS solution and enable organizations to provide robust, high performance Network File System (NFS) and Common Internet File System (CIFS) file access solutions.

OptiFacio, Inc. also offers consulting and contract development services to companies and organizations seeking appliance solutions or to customize and leverage Samba technologies in their own environments and solutions.

For more information on OptiFacio please see:

BrainStorm Technologies

BrainStorm Technologies proudly supports Samba both as a stand alone service and in their preconfigured systems, preloaded with Linux and Samba. We specialize in small/medium sized buisness internetworking with an emphasis on ease of management and scalability. For more info, please email We are located in Omaha, Nebraska, USA. (402) 690-7306



The Centrify DirectControl suite seamlessly integrates UNIX, Linux, Mac, Java and web platforms with Microsoft Active Directory's identity, access and policy management services. DirectControl extends Active Directory to allow customers to centralize UNIX / Linux user and group properties and associate these properties with Active Directory accounts.

DirectControl for Samba is now available. This solution allows Samba to store all user and group information centrally in Active Directory and enables new access management capabilities for Samba servers through the DirectControl Zones technology. Other features include full Active Directory group support and additional capabilities for secure cross domain single sign-on.

For more information on DirectControl for Samba, see:



ClarkConnect ClarkConnect is a powerful server/gateway software solution designed for the small/medium-sized organization. Though ClarkConnect comes with an extensive list of features and integrated services, the solution is easy to configure thanks to the intuitive web-based interface. The open source revolution in the software industry has made it possible to provide ClarkConnect at an affordable price. ClarkConnect makes extensive innovative use of Samba to provide a very flexible file and print solution for MS Windows clients. Among other features, antivirus, antispam, VPN and content filtering are built right into the software -- no need for expensive third party add-ons.

For more information regarding ClarkConnect please refer to:

FreeBSD Systems

And Beastie Said "Let there be a 2U that screams with the power of Dual Xeon's for   ..."

FreeBSD Systems manufactures highly available Servers optimized with FreeBSD to provide the performance and reliability needed in Samba environments. iNET™ Servers are available in Rackmount Chassis from 1U to 7U, as well as in Pedestal Form Factor.

The iNET2325 The server above is a 2U chassis form factor that supports Dual Intel® Xeon® Processors up to 2.80Ghz and has internal storage capacity of more than 1.02 Terabyte!  The iNET2325 truly is the Ultimate Samba Server.

Visit our web site or call us, toll free 1.877.963.1900.


Hewlett-Packard created the CIFS/9000 Server by implementing Samba into HP-UX. The CIFS/9000 Server is a fully supported HP product bundled in every new HP-UX system at no cost.

HP remains committed to providing global computing solutions and making contributions to the open-source community. Learn more about HP products at

iPrism - Internet Access Management

iPrism® is the Internet access management solution of choice used by Information Technology and Human Resource professionals to help enforce an Internet Acceptable Usage Policy (AUP) within an organization. Winner of the coveted PC Magazine "Editors' Choice" award, iPrism is a hardware appliance that monitors, filters and reports on inappropriate Internet access. By using iPrism, businesses, government agencies and schools can enhance user productivity, reduce liability and optimize network bandwidth usage.

Easy to install and maintain, iPrism is a full-featured Internet filtering appliance. iPrism is the only product to maintain a 100% human-reviewed database with over 60 content categories. Because a human reviews every website in iPrism's database, there will be fewer false positives or miscategorized sites than any other filtering solution.

Visit to take advantage of our free Internet Monitoring Tool and receive a report on your organization's Internet usage.

Meinberg LANTIME

Meinberg LANTIME is a standalone NTP time server appliance running a number of integrated services serving highly accurate time for client systems in the attached networks (IPv4 and IPv6). The LANTIME systems allow several different ways of monitoring and configuration, including web based configuration (HTTP/HTTPS), remote console based configuration (Telnet/SSH), and SNMP. This is accompanied with a wide range of alert mechanisms, allowing the administrator to receive alerts like "antenna faulty" or "ntpd lost sync" by e-mail (SMTP), SNMP traps or -- here Samba appears on the scene -- as a winpopup message. For those not sensible enough for a small decent email or popup message, a big network attached display is available as an accessory, displaying error messages in big red characters directly in your office (or, if you need some more motivation, in the office of your boss).

Our time servers are shipped with few parts of the Samba suite installed, following the old Unix system administrators rule to not run a service that is not needed. Samba allows us to offer your SMB compatible clients to request the time with a NET TIME command and enables the LANTIME to send alert popup messages directly to the admins desktop, if desired.

The Meinberg LANTIME systems rely on the power of open source software like Samba, GNU/Linux and NTP and we are very thankful for the very good work the open source community is doing every day.

You can find more information about Meinberg Radio Clocks and the LANTIME time server on our website. Or write mail to We will gladly assist you.



The openSUSE project is a worldwide effort that promotes the use of Linux everywhere. openSUSE creates one of the world's best Linux distributions, working together in an open, transparent and friendly manner as part of the worldwide Free and Open Source Software community.

The project is controlled by its community and relies on the contributions of individuals, working as testers, writers, translators, usability experts, artists and ambassadors or developers. The project embraces a wide variety of technology, people with different levels of expertise, speaking different languages and having different cultural backgrounds.

It is aimed towards users and developers working on the desktop or server. It is great for beginners, experienced users and ultra geeks alike, in short, it is perfect for everybody!

openSUSE is also the base for SUSE's award-winning SUSE Linux Enterprise products. It includes Samba and its management and configuration tool YaST is able to configure Samba. More information you find at the openSUSE web site.

Samba for IRIX

Silicon Graphics, Inc. is a leading supplier of visual computing and high-performance systems. The company offers the broadest range of products in the industry, from low-end desktop workstations to servers and high-end supercomputers. Key industries include communications, energy, entertainment, government, manufacturing, and sciences. Silicon Graphics and its subsidiaries have offices throughout the world and corporate headquarters in Mountain View, California.

Silicon Graphics offers a commercially supported version of Samba for their line of Origin servers. Samba for IRIX allows Silicon Graphics Origin servers to become high-performance file and print servers for Windows clients, in addition to being industry-leading NFS servers. Samba for IRIX has been benchmarked on Silicon Graphics Origin servers as the performance leader among Windows file server products.

Visit our web site at for more information on Samba for IRIX. Also see the Samba for IRIX press release at

Origin Family image Courtesy of Silicon Graphics, Inc. IRIX and Silicon Graphics are registered trademarks, and Origin and the Silicon Graphics logo are trademarks, of Silicon Graphics, Inc.


SUSE Linux

SUSE is a leading provider of enterprise Linux solutions that increase agility, reduce cost and manage complexity in dynamic environments.

With a portfolio centered around SUSE Linux Enterprise, the most interoperable platform for mission-critical computing, SUSE enables organizations to confidently deliver computing services across physical, virtual and cloud environments. With our award-winning products, open source communities and ecosystem of partnerships, SUSE solutions empower thousands of organizations around the world.

For more information, visit



Univention is a leading European provider of Open Source products for the cost-efficient operation and effective administration of IT infrastructures. At the heart of our offer is the Linux infrastructure solution Univention Corporate Server (UCS). UCS is a modern enterprise Linux distribution with an integrated Open Source solution for identity and infrastructure management, which makes efficient, centrally controlled administration possible even in challenging environments – both in companies and in the cloud.

The core product UCS is complemented with, among other things, products building on it for the cross-platform administration of thin clients, an Open Source desktop for professional users and an integrated server and desktop virtualization solution. Thanks to the supplied connectors, the products are ideal for use with for example the Microsoft Active Directory, integrate perfectly in existing infrastructures and allow simple migration.

An increasing number of software manufacturers, including the groupware manufacturers Open-Xchange, Zarafa and Kolab Systems, ECM manufacturers and suppliers of VolP solutions offer optimised packages for operation with UCS, which can be integrated in the UCS management system among other things. UCS is thus the Open Source integration platform for IT infrastructure operation and management.

More information, a downloadable version and an online demo is available at the univention web site.

Telco Tech

Telco Tech GmbH is a German company that provides turn-key network support servers. The LAN Internet Support Station (LiSS) is a complete Intranet server and Internet access system for business. The LiSS provides all key network services including E'mail, FTP, HTTP, and SMB/CIFS filesharing (using Samba, of course). It also acts as a firewall, and as a VPN server for LAN-to-LAN or Client-to-LAN connections via IPSec.

The microLiSS companion product can be used as a stand-alone Internet firewall/gateway for small offices, and also supports LAN-to-LAN and Client-to-LAN VPN connections.

VERITAS File Server

As the leading provider of enterprise-class application storage management software, VERITAS Software (Nasdaq: VRTS) ensures the continuous availability of business-critical information by delivering integrated, cross-platform storage management software solutions. VERITAS Software is the de-facto standard for application storage management, with over 60 of the world's leading servers and operating systems integrating its software. To ensure integrated, out-of-the-box application storage management solutions, VERITAS Software is a premier strategic partner with all major industry drivers. The Company's product solutions manage the explosion of data and the growing complexity and scalability of networked environments that exist today.

Samba is now integrated into VERITAS File Server Edition and VERITAS File Server Edition HA (High Availability), comprehensive, cost-effective software solutions that provide superior performance, easier manageability, and higher availability for SPARC/Solaris-based servers in heterogeneous environments. Now with Samba, these products offer organizations the ability to easily consolidate their NFS (Network File System) and CIFS (Common Internet File System) environments while maintaining manageability for system administrators and meeting the performance and availability requirements of their users, both UNIX and Windows clients. Comprehensive support for these products, including Samba, is available from VERITAS.

For more information on these products, go to



VMware 2.0 for Linux includes an integrated Samba server for easy file sharing between Linux and Windows operating systems running concurrently on a PC.

VMware for Linux installs as a standard Linux application, then provides the ability to easily install and concurrently run additional guest operating systems, including Microsoft Windows 95, Windows 98, Windows NT and Windows 2000. A new feature in VMware 2.0 for Linux is a Samba server that is automatically configured as a file server for Windows guest operating systems. VMware users can now simply drag and drop their files between different environments without needing to manually configure Samba on their systems.

The modified Samba server installed by VMware runs over the VMware virtual Ethernet, and the Samba traffic between different operating systems is isolated from actual local area networks. The source code diffs for the changes to Samba are available from VMware here . These changes will be integrated into future Samba releases. VMware has also donated software licenses to members of the Samba development team to help in Samba development.

More information about VMware, and free evaluation copies of VMware 2.0 for Linux are available here .


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