Jeffrey Layton
Raleigh, NC, USA
H: (919) 341-8590


I am an experienced Linux kernel developer with a focus in filesystems, especially networked filesystems. I'm a regular contributor to the Linux kernel and have made significant contributions to Linux NFS client and server, the Linux CIFS client, the SUNRPC layer and generic VFS layer. I have a lot of experience troubleshooting difficult issues that span multiple machines and layers, including strong skills diagnosing kernel coredumps and oopses.

I've also made significant contributions to the Linux nfs-utils, and Samba, and am the maintainer of the Linux cifs-utils project. I have a proven ability to help debug complex issues that span multiple layers in the Linux software "stack".

I'm also a member of The Samba Team since 2007 and regularly work with the userland Samba project to solve interoperability problems between it and Linux CIFS client.

Some major projects that I've done on my own or have been involved in include: well as many other smaller scale projects and bugfixes.

Before moving to software engineering, I worked in Red Hat's technical support group, supporting their customers. Prior to that, I spent a decade doing Unix systems administration in large software environments, and some DBA work (primarily Oracle).


Operating Systems: Linux, Solaris, SunOS, HP/UX, MS-Windows, DOS

Languages: C, Perl, SQL, HTML, Bourne/Korn Shell. I've also written some x86 assembly. I have some passing familiarity with Pascal, Forth, FORTRAN, Python, and a smattering of other languages.


North Carolina State University, Raleigh, B.S. Science Education with Minor in Physics, 1996. GPA: 3.12 overall; 3.28 in major.


Primary Data, May 2014-Present:
Senior Software Engineer: Worked with the PD protocols team. Worked on several projects to improve the scalability and performance of the Linux NFS kernel server. Handled NFS client side bugfixes and backports. Helped write a NFSv4 server from scratch, including the underlying workqueue infrastructure, RPC layer and NFSv4 state tracking.

Red Hat, Raleigh, NC 2005-April 2014:
Started in level 2 support, and within 9 months moved to a support engineering role focusing on NFS. In 2007, moved to engineering where I continued working on NFS and began maintaining CIFS for Red Hat Enterprise Linux. Over next several years I continued driving bugfixes and new features into mainline kernel and backporting those into RHEL. Also helped mentor more junior engineers and support people, and assisted with many customer support issues.

Railinc, Cary, NC, June 2004 - December 2005:
Unix Systems Administrator: primarily supporting Solaris and IBM Websphere.

Bowe Bell & Howell, RTP, NC, July 2001 - June 2004:
Unix Systems Administrator and Oracle DBA: maintaining Solaris and HP/UX infrastructure and applications.

Pliant Systems, RTP, NC October 1999 - April 2001:
Unix Systems Administrator and Oracle DBA: maintaining large Solaris network infrastructure and applications.

Collective Technologies, Colorado Springs, CO, October 1998 - September 1999
Consultant, Unix System Administration: Worked primarily at MCI/Worldcom, and Federal Express (subcontracted out to Sun). Responsible for maintaining OS and hardware running internally deployed application for FedEx.

BroadBand Technologies, RTP, NC, February 1997 -September 1998:
Helpdesk/Unix System Administrator

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