Filesystem Hierarchy Standard


This page is the home of the Filesystem Hierarchy Standard (FHS).

The current version is 2.3. It was announced on January 29, 2004.

The filesystem standard has been designed to be used by Unix distribution developers, package developers, and system implementors. However, it is primarily intended to be a reference and is not a tutorial on how to manage a Unix filesystem or directory hierarchy.

FHS Development

The mailing list is available to discuss interpretations of the FHS document and of possible future changes and additions. All proposals should be submitted as bugs on using the "FHS" component). To be regarded seriously, proposals should include a unified patch to the sgml source (create the attachment after you've opened the bug, please do not cut-and-paste patches into comments).

The process is overseen by FHS editors, Rusty Russell, Daniel Quinlan, and Christopher Yeoh.

FHS Documents, Resources, and Links:

Any discrepancy found in the various formats of the specification will be resolved in favor of the PDF version.

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