What is Yoga

Yoga is the GNU replacement for Lotus Notes.

Yoga is being implemeted in Python and C++, tied together with SWIG. Until recently, the code was being done in Java, but it proved too slow without the ability to compile to native code. The database backend will be based on Berkeley DB.

How do I help?

Join the mailing list. and contribute your ideas and your time.

Yoga Snapshot (Developers Only)

yoga.tgz                   7-Dec-98 01:03    19k

Berkeley DB

db-2.4.14-1.i386.rpm       24-Jun-98 22:11   1.1M  
db-2.4.14-1.src.rpm        24-Jun-98 22:11   1.6M  
db-devel-2.4.14-1.i386.rpm 24-Jun-98 22:11   565k