== Subject:     Samba AD DC password exposure to privileged
==              users and RODCs
== CVE ID#:     CVE-2023-4154
== Versions:    All versions since Samba 4.0.0
== Summary:     An RODC and a user with the GET_CHANGES
==              right can view all attributes, including
==              secrets and passwords.
==              Additionally, the access check fails open
==              on error conditions.


In normal operation, passwords and (most) secrets are never disclosed
over LDAP in Active Directory.

However, due to a design flaw in Samba's implementation of the DirSync
control, Active Directory accounts authorized to do some replication,
but not to replicate sensitive attributes, can instead replicate
critical domain passwords and secrets.

In a default installation, this means that RODC DC accounts (which
should only be permitted to replicate some passwords) can instead
obtain all domain secrets, including the core AD secret: the krbtgt

RODCs are given this permission as part of their installation for DRS
replication.  This vulnerability removes the RODC / DC distinction.

Secondly, and just as problematically, the access check for this
functionality did not account for error conditions - errors like
out of memory were regarded as success.  This is sometimes described
as "fail open".  In these error conditions, some of which (eg out of
memory) may be influenced by a low-privileged attacker, access to the
secret attributes could be obtained!

Patch Availability

Patches addressing both these issues have been posted to:

Additionally, Samba 4.19.1, 4.18.8 and 4.17.12 have been issued
as security releases to correct the defect.  Samba administrators are
advised to upgrade to these releases or apply the patch as soon
as possible.

CVSSv3 calculation

For password disclosure to RODCs and other privileged accounts:
CVSS:3.1/AV:N/AC:L/PR:H/UI:N/S:U/C:H/I:H/A:H (7.2)

For the fail open on the DirSync access check:
CVSS:3.1/AV:N/AC:H/PR:L/UI:N/S:U/C:H/I:H/A:H (7.5)

Workaround and mitigating factors

If no RODC accounts are in use in the domain, and DirSync users set
LDAP_DIRSYNC_OBJECT_SECURITY then there is no need to give this right
to any users.  If only privileged accounts have this right, only the
error path vulnerability exists.

Since Windows 2003 and in all versions of Samba, it has not been
required to assign accounts this "Get Changes" / GUID_DRS_GET_CHANGES
right to use LDAP DirSync, provided that the
LDAP_DIRSYNC_OBJECT_SECURITY it set in the control.

If any unprivileged accounts do have this right, and either no longer
use DirSync or use LDAP_DIRSYNC_OBJECT_SECURITY, this should be

GUID_DRS_GET_CHANGES / 1131f6aa-9c07-11d1-f79f-00c04fc2dcd2 is an
extended right set in the ntSecurityDescriptor on the NC root (the DN
at the top of each partition).  These are for example the domain DN,
configuration DN etc.  The domain DN is the most important.


Originally reported by Andrew Bartlett of Catalyst and the Samba Team
during routine code review.

Patches provided by Andrew Bartlett of Catalyst and the Samba team.

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== The Samba Team