CAN-2004-0882: Possible Buffer Overrun in smbd 3.0.x <= 3.0.7

Subject:	Possible Buffer Overrun in smbd
CVE #:		CAN-2004-0882
Versions:	Samba 3.0.x <= 3.0.7

Summary: 	A possible buffer overrun in smbd could
		lead to code execution by a remote user

Patch Availability

A patch for Samba 3.0.7 (samba-3.0.7-CAN-2004-0882.patch) is
available from
The patch has been signed with the "Samba Distribution Verification
Key"  (ID F17F9772).


Invalid bounds checking in reply to certain trans2 requests
could result in a buffer overrun in smbd.  In order to exploit
this defect, the attacker must be able to create files with very
specific Unicode filenames on the Samba share.

Protecting Unpatched Servers

The Samba Team always encourages users to run the latest stable
release as a defense of against attacks.  However, under certain
circumstances it may not be possible to immediately upgrade
important installations.  In such cases, administrators should
read the "Server Security" documentation found at


This security issue was reported to Samba developers by Stefan
Esser from e-matters Security (

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