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Binary packages will be made available for this release
within a short time. A separate announcement will be made
for the release of these packages.

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If you have problems, or think you have found a bug please email 
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As always, all bugs are our responsibility.
Without further ado, here are the release notes.


The Samba Team.

WHATS NEW IN 1.9.18p8 - June 12th 1998.

This is the latest stable release of Samba. This is the
version that all production Samba servers should be running
for all current bug-fixes.

Note that most Samba Team effort is now going into working on the
next major release which should contain some Windows NT Domain 
features. It is intended that any future work on the 1.9.18 series
be maintenance only fixes.

An announcement will be made when the first alpha release of the next
Samba series is available.

Bugfixes added since 1.9.18p7
  1. Fixed bug so Samba returns ERROR_MORE_DATA for long share lists that won't fit in the data buffer given by the client.
  2. Made mapping of Windows to UNIX usernames only occur once per name.
  3. Cause changing of SMB password to fail if UNIX pasword change fails and unix password sync is set.
  4. Ensure the Samba names are added to the remote broadcast subnet to allow NT workstations to do a directed broadcast node status query (they seem to want to do this for some reason).
  5. Fixed HPUX10 Trusted systems bigcrypt password authentication call.
  6. Ensure smbd doesn't crash if 'account disabled' set in smbpasswd file.
  7. Ensured 'revalidate' parameter is only checked if we're in share level security.
  8. Ensure that password lengths are sanity checked even if in server level security.
  9. Fix bug with multi-user NT systems where a file currently open by one user could always be opened by another.
  10. Ensure we save the current user info and restore it correctly whilst in the oplock break state.
  11. Added some simple sanity checks to testparam.
  12. Added timezone sanity checks.
  13. Re-wrote wildcard handling for trans2 calls. Wildcard matching now seems to be *identical* to NT (as far as I can tell).
  14. Added facility for user list code to be explicit about checking UNIX group database or NIS netgroup list. Updated smb.conf detailing this.
  15. Fixed bug in multibyte character handling when parsing a pathname.
  16. Fixed file descriptor leak in client code.
  17. Fixed QSORT_CAST compile bugs on many systems.
  18. Added codepages 737 (Greek) and 861 (Icelandic).
If you have problems, or think you have found a bug please email a report to : As always, all bugs are our responsibility. Regards, The Samba Team.