The Samba Team are pleased to announce Samba 1.9.17p5.

This is a patch release designed to fix the few bugs that
users had reported with our last stable release, 1.9.17p4.

This release adds no new functionality, and if you
were not impacted by the bugs then there is no need
to upgrade from 1.9.17p4.

Note however, that *all* users should upgrade to at
least Samba version 1.9.17p2 due to a critical security
bug fix that was integrated at that time.

This is intended to be the last release in the Samba 
1.9.17 code series. The next release will be 1.9.18 
which should be soon. This 1.9.17p5 release is being
made so that people who wish to stay with the 1.9.17
series of code for a while will be running with the
most stable version of that code base available.

The release may be downloaded from the URL :


       The Samba Team.

--------------------release notes------------------------

              WHATS NEW IN 1.9.17p5 - December 19th. 1997

Update release: Samba - version 1.9.17p5.

This is the latest stable release of Samba. This is the
version that all production Samba servers should be running
for all current bug-fixes.

Here are a list of the fixes in this release (the fixes
introduced between 1.9.17p4 and 1.9.17p5) :

1). Addition of 'remote browse sync' parameter.
2). Fix for bug where nmbd would not stop announcing itself
    as a local master browser once it had lost the election.
3). No longer fill in status fields in node status reply for
4). Code added to seach the nmbd name cache for the results
    of a previous dns search.
5). Treat WORKGROUP<1c> names correctly when registering (don't
    treat them as a normal group name).
6). Fix bug in the handling of the 'character set' parameter.
7). Disable read prediction code by default - conflicts with
    locking fixes.
8). Fix bug with name mangling with UNIX filenames containing ':'.

Reporting bugs

The Samba Team believes that this is a stable
production release, but all software has bugs.
If you have problems, or think you have found a
bug please email a report to :

Stating the version number of Samba that you
are running, and *full details* of the steps
we need to reproduce the problem.

As always, all bugs are our responsibility.


    The Samba Team.

For details on previous releases see samba1.9.17p4.html