Samba 4.6.15 Available for Download

Samba 4.6.15 (gzipped)

Patch (gzipped) against Samba 4.6.14

                   Release Notes for Samba 4.6.15
                           April 13, 2018

This is the latest stable release of the Samba 4.6 release series.

Changes since 4.6.14:

o  Jeremy Allison <>
   * BUG 13244: s3: ldap: Ensure the ADS_STRUCT pointer doesn't get freed
     on error, we don't own it here.
   * BUG 13270: s3: smbd: Fix possible directory fd leak if the underlying
     OS doesn't support fdopendir().
   * BUG 13375: s3: smbd: Unix extensions attempts to change wrong field
     in fchown call.

o  Günther Deschner <>
   * BUG 13277: build: fix libceph-common detection.

o  Poornima G <>
   * BUG 13297: vfs_glusterfs: Fix the wrong pointer being sent in

o  Volker Lendecke <>
   * BUG 13215: Fix smbd panic if the client-supplied channel sequence number
   * BUG 13240: samba: Only use async signal-safe functions in signal handler.

o  Stefan Metzmacher <>
   * BUG 13197: SMB2 close/lock/logoff can generate
   * BUG 13206: Fix authentication with an empty string domain ''.
   * BUG 13215: s3:smb2_server: correctly maintain request counters for
     compound requests.

o  Anton Nefedov
   * BUG 13338: s3:smbd: Map nterror on smb2_flush errorpath.

o  Dan Robertson <>
   * BUG 13310: libsmb: Use smb2 tcon if conn_protocol >= SMB2_02.

o  Garming Sam <>
   * BUG 13031: subnet: Avoid a segfault when renaming subnet objects.

o  Andreas Schneider <>
   * BUG 13315: s3:smbd: Do not crash if we fail to init the session table.