Samba 4.6.12 Available for Download

Samba 4.6.12 (gzipped)

Patch (gzipped) against Samba 4.6.11

                   Release Notes for Samba 4.6.12
                          December 20, 2017

This is the latest stable release of the Samba 4.6 release series.

smbclient reparse point symlink parameters reversed

A bug in smbclient caused the 'symlink' command to reverse the
meaning of the new name and link target parameters when creating a
reparse point symlink against a Windows server.

This only affects using the smbclient 'symlink' command against
a Windows server, not a Samba server using the UNIX extensions
(the parameter order is correct in that case) so no existing
user scripts that depend on creating symlinks on Samba servers
need to change.

As this is a little used feature the ordering of these parameters
has been reversed to match the parameter ordering of the UNIX
extensions 'symlink' command. This means running 'symlink' against
both Windows and Samba now uses the same paramter ordering in both

The usage message for this command has also been improved to remove confusion.

Changes since 4.6.11:

o  Jeremy Allison <>
   * BUG 13140: s3: smbclient: Implement 'volume' command over SMB2.
   * BUG 13171: s3: libsmb: Fix valgrind read-after-free error in
   * BUG 13172: s3: libsmb: Fix reversing of oldname/newname paths when creating
     a reparse point symlink on Windows from smbclient.

o  Timur I. Bakeyev <>
   * BUG 12934: Build man page for vfs_zfsacl.8 with Samba.

o  Ralph Boehme <>
   * BUG 6133: vfs_zfsacl: Fix compilation error.
   * BUG 13051: "smb encrypt" setting changes are not fully applied until full
     smbd restart.
   * BUG 13052: winbindd: Fix idmap_rid dependency on trusted domain list.
   * BUG 13155: vfs_fruit: Proper VFS-stackable conversion of FinderInfo.

o  Amitay Isaacs <>
   * BUG 13153: ctdb: sock_daemon leaks memory.
   * BUG 13154: TCP tickles not getting synchronised on CTDB restart.

o  Volker Lendecke <>
   * BUG 13150: winbindd: Parent and child share a ctdb connection.
   * BUG 13179: pthreadpool: Fix starvation after fork.
   * BUG 13180: ctdb: Messaging initialisation for CTDB does not register
     unique ID.

o  Stefan Metzmacher <>
   * BUG 13149: libnet_join: Fix 'net rpc oldjoin'.

o  Noel Power <>
   * BUG 13166: s3:libads: net ads keytab list fails with "Key table name

o  Christof Schmitt <>
   * BUG 13170: pthreadpool: Undo put_job when returning error.