Samba 4.5.2 Available for Download

Samba 4.5.2 (gzipped)

Patch (gzipped) against Samba 4.5.1

                   Release Notes for Samba 4.5.2
                          December 07, 2016

This is the latest stable release of the Samba 4.5 release series.

Changes since 4.5.1:

o  Michael Adam <>
   * BUG 12404: vfs:glusterfs: Preallocate result for glfs_realpath.

o  Jeremy Allison <>
   * BUG 12384: s3: vfs: Remove files/directories after the streams are deleted.
   * BUG 12387: s3: vfs_streams_depot: Use conn->connectpath not conn->cwd.
   * BUG 12436: s3/smbd: Fix the last resort check that sets the file type

o  Andrew Bartlett <>
   * BUG 9954: dsdb: Create RID Set as SYSTEM.
   * BUG 12297: dbcheck: Correct message for orphaned backlinks.
   * BUG 12395: build: Fix build with perl on debian sid.
   * BUG 12398: Fix errors in extended operations (like allocating a RID Set).

o  Günther Deschner <>
   * BUG 11197: spoolss: Use correct values for secdesc and devmode pointers.

o  Clive Ferreira <>
   * BUG 12394: objectclass_attrs: Only abort on a missing attribute when an
     attribute is both MUST and replicated.

o  Amitay Isaacs <>
   * BUG 12366: provision,dlz-bind: Add support for BIND 9.11.x.
   * BUG 12392: ctdb-locking: Reset real-time priority in lock helper.
   * BUG 12407: ctdb-scripts: Fix calculation of CTDB_BASE.
   * BUG 12434: ctdb-recovery: Avoid NULL dereference in failure case.

o  Stefan Metzmacher <>
   * BUG 10297: s3:smbd: Only pass UCF_PREP_CREATEFILE to filename_convert() if
     we may create a new file.

o  Mathieu Parent <>
   * BUG 12371: ctdb-scripts: Fix Debian init in samba eventscript.

o  Garming Sam <>
   * BUG 9954: samba_tool/fsmo: Allocate RID Set when seizing RID manager.
   * BUG 10882: s4-auth: Don't check for NULL saltPrincipal if it doesn't need
   * BUG 12297: upgradeprovision: Remove objectCategory from constructed attrs.
   * BUG 12385: collect_tombstones: Allow links to recycled objects to be

o  Andreas Schneider <>
   * BUG 12183: s3-printing: Correctly encode CUPS printer URIs.
   * BUG 12195: s3-printing: Allow printer names longer than 16 chars.
   * BUG 12269: nss_wins: Fix errno values for HOST_NOT_FOUND.
   * BUG 12405: s3-winbind: Do not return NO_MEMORY if we have an empty user
   * BUG 12415: s3:spoolss: Add support for COPY_FROM_DIRECTORY in

o  Martin Schwenke <>
   * BUG 12104: ctdb-packaging: Move CTDB tests to /usr/local/share/ctdb/tests/.

o  Uri Simchoni <>
   * BUG 12375: smbd: In ntlm auth, do not map empty domain in case of

o  Ralph Wuerthner <>
   * BUG 12372: ctdb-conn: Add missing variable initialization.