Samba 4.10.0 Available for Download

Samba 4.10.0 (gzipped)

                   Release Notes for Samba 4.10.0
                           March 19, 2019

This is the first stable release of the Samba 4.10 release series.
Please read the release notes carefully before upgrading.


GPO Improvements

A new 'samba-tool gpo backup' command has been added that can export a
set of Group Policy Objects from a domain in a generalised XML format.

A corresponding 'samba-tool gpo restore' command has been added to
rebuild the Group Policy Objects from the XML after generalization.
(The administrator needs to correct the values of XML entities between
the backup and restore to account for the change in domain).

KDC prefork

The KDC now supports the pre-fork process model and worker processes will be
forked for the KDC when the pre-fork process model is selected for samba.

Prefork 'prefork children'

The default value for this smdb.conf parameter has been increased from 1 to

Netlogon prefork

DCERPC now supports pre-forked NETLOGON processes. The netlogon processes are
pre-forked when the prefork process model is selected for samba.

Offline domain backups

The 'samba-tool domain backup' command has been extended with a new 'offline'
option. This safely creates a backup of the local DC's database directly from
disk. The main benefits of an offline backup are it's quicker, it stores more
database details (for forensic purposes), and the samba process does not have
to be running when the backup is made. Refer to the samba-tool help for more
details on using this command.

Group membership statistics

A new 'samba-tool group stats' command has been added. This provides summary
information about how the users are spread across groups in your domain.
The 'samba-tool group list --verbose' command has also been updated to include
the number of users in each group.

Paged results LDAP control

The behaviour of the paged results control (1.2.840.113556.1.4.319, RFC2696)
has been changed to more closely match Windows servers, to improve memory
usage. Paged results may be used internally (or is requested by the user) by
LDAP libraries or tools that deal with large result sizes, for example, when
listing all the objects in the database.

Previously, results were returned as a snapshot of the database but now,
some changes made to the set of results while paging may be reflected in the
responses. If strict inter-record consistency is required in answers (which is
not possible on Windows with large result sets), consider avoiding the paged
results control or alternatively, it might be possible to enforce restrictions
using the LDAP filter expression.

For further details see

Prefork process restart

The pre-fork process model now restarts failed processes. The delay between
restart attempts is controlled by the "prefork backoff increment" (default = 10)
and "prefork maximum backoff" (default = 120) smbd.conf parameters.  A linear
back off strategy is used with "prefork backoff increment" added to the
delay between restart attempts up until it reaches "prefork maximum backoff".

Using the default sequence the restart delays (in seconds) are:
  0, 10, 20, ..., 120, 120, ...

Standard process model

When using the standard process model samba forks a new process to handle ldap
and netlogon connections.  Samba now honours the 'max smbd processes' smb.conf
parameter.  The default value of 0, indicates there is no limit.  The limit
is applied individually to netlogon and ldap.  When the process limit is
exceeded Samba drops new connections immediately.

python3 support

This is the first release of Samba which has full support for Python 3.
Samba 4.10 still has support for Python 2, however, Python 3 will be used by
default, i.e. 'configure' & 'make' will execute using python3.

To build Samba with python2 you *must* set the 'PYTHON' environment variable
for both the 'configure' and 'make' steps, i.e.
   'PYTHON=python2 ./configure'
   'PYTHON=python2 make'
This will override the python3 default.

Alternatively, it is possible to produce Samba Python bindings for both
Python 2 and Python 3. To do so, specify '--extra-python=/usr/bin/python2'
as part of the 'configure' command. Note that python3 will still be used as
the default in this case.

Note that Samba 4.10 supports Python 3.4 onwards.

Future Python support

Samba 4.10 will be the last release that comes with full support for
Python 2. Unfortunately, the Samba Team doesn't have the resources to support
both Python 2 and Python 3 long-term.

Samba 4.11 will not have any runtime support for Python 2. This means if
you use Python 2 bindings it is time to migrate to Python 3 now.

If you are building Samba using the '--disable-python' option (i.e. you're
excluding all the run-time Python support), then this will continue to work
on a system that supports either python2 or python3.

Also note that Samba 4.11 will most likely only support Python 3.6 onwards.

JSON logging

Authentication messages now contain the Windows Event Id "eventId" and logon
type "logonType". The supported event codes and logon types are:
  Event codes:
    4624  Successful logon
    4625  Unsuccessful logon

  Logon Types:
    2  Interactive
    3  Network
    8  NetworkCleartext

The version number for Authentication messages is now 1.1, changed from 1.0

Password change messages now contain the Windows Event Id "eventId", the
supported event Id's are:
  4723 Password changed
  4724 Password reset

The version number for PasswordChange messages is now 1.1, changed from 1.0

Group membership change messages now contain the Windows Event Id "eventId",
the supported event Id's are:
  4728 A member was added to a security enabled global group
  4729 A member was removed from a security enabled global group
  4732 A member was added to a security enabled local group
  4733 A member was removed from a security enabled local group
  4746 A member was added to a security disabled local group
  4747 A member was removed from a security disabled local group
  4751 A member was added to a security disabled global group
  4752 A member was removed from a security disabled global group
  4756 A member was added to a security enabled universal group
  4757 A member was removed from a security enabled universal group
  4761 A member was added to a security disabled universal group
  4762 A member was removed from a security disabled universal group

The version number for GroupChange messages is now 1.1, changed from 1.0. Also
A GroupChange message is generated when a new user is created to log that the
user has been added to their primary group.

The leading "JSON <message type>:" and source file  prefix of the JSON formatted
log entries has been removed to make the parsing of the JSON log messages
easier. JSON log entries now start with 2 spaces followed by an opening brace
i.e. "  {"

SMBv2 samba-tool support

On previous releases, some samba-tool commands would not work against a remote
DC that had SMBv1 disabled. SMBv2 support has now been added for samba-tool.
The affected commands are 'samba-tool domain backup|rename' and the
'samba-tool gpo' set of commands. Refer also bug #13676.

New glusterfs_fuse VFS module

The new vfs_glusterfs_fuse module improves performance when Samba
accesses a glusterfs volume mounted via FUSE (Filesystem in Userspace
as part of the Linux kernel). It achieves that by leveraging a
mechanism to retrieve the appropriate case of filenames by querying a
specific extended attribute in the filesystem. No extra configuration
is required to use this module, only glusterfs_fuse needs to be set in
the "vfs objects" parameter. Further details can be found in the
vfs_glusterfs_fuse(8) manpage. This new vfs_glusterfs_fuse module does
not replace the existing vfs_glusterfs module, it just provides an
additional, alternative mechanism to access a Gluster volume.


MIT Kerberos build of the AD DC

While not removed, the MIT Kerberos build of the Samba AD DC is still
considered experimental.  Because Samba will not issue security
patches for this configuration, such builds now require the explicit
configure option: --with-experimental-mit-ad-dc

For further details see


The samba_backup script has been removed. This has now been replaced by the
'samba-tool domain backup offline' command.

SMB client Python bindings

The SMB client python bindings are now deprecated and will be removed in future
Samba releases. This will only affects users that may have used the Samba
Python bindings to write their own utilities, i.e. users with a custom Python
script that includes the line 'from samba import smb'.

smb.conf changes

  Parameter Name                     Description                Default
  --------------                     -----------                -------
  prefork backoff increment   Delay added to process restart    10 (seconds)
                              between attempts.
  prefork maximum backoff     Maximum delay for process between 120 (seconds)
                              process restart attempts
  smbd search ask sharemode   Name changed, old name was
                              "smbd:search ask sharemode"
  smbd async dosmode          Name changed, old name was
                              "smbd:async dosmode"
  smbd max async dosmode      Name changed, old name was
                              "smbd:max async dosmode"
  smbd getinfo ask sharemode  New: similar to "smbd search ask yes
                              sharemode" but for SMB getinfo


o  Andrew Bartlett <>
   * BUG 13760: s4-server: Open and close a transaction on sam.ldb at startup.

o  Ralph Boehme <>
   * BUG 13812: access_check_max_allowed() doesn't process "Owner Rights" ACEs.

o  Joe Guo <>
   * s4/scripting/bin: Open unicode files with utf8 encoding and write
   * unicode string.

o  Björn Jacke <>
   * BUG 13759: sambaundoguididx: Use the right escaped oder unescaped sam ldb

o  Volker Lendecke <>
   * BUG 13813: Fix idmap cache pollution with S-1-22- IDs on winbind hickup.

o  Christof Schmitt <>
   * passdb: Update ABI to 0.27.2.
   * BUG 13813: lib/winbind_util: Add winbind_xid_to_sid for --without-winbind.

o  Andreas Schneider <>
   * BUG 13823: lib:util: Move debug message for mkdir failing to log level 1.


o  Jeremy Allison <>
   * BUG 13803: SMB1 POSIX mkdir does case insensitive name lookup.

o  Ralph Boehme <>
   * BUG 13802: Fix idmap xid2sid cache issue.

o  David Disseldorp <>
   * BUG 13807: vfs_ceph strict_allocate_ftruncate calls (local FS) ftruncate
     and fallocate.

o  Volker Lendecke <>
   * BUG 13786: messages_dgm: Properly handle receiver re-initialization.

o  Gary Lockyer <>
   * BUG 13765: man pages: Document prefork process model.
   * BUG 13773: CVE-2019-3824 ldb: wildcard_match end of data check.

o  Stefan Metzmacher <>
   * tdb: Fix compatibility of wscript with older python.
   * tevent: version 0.9.39
   * BUG 13773: CVE-2019-3824 ldb: version 1.5.4

o  David Mulder <>
   * Search for location of waf script.

o  Noel Power <>
   * BUG 13777: buildtools/wafsamba: Avoid decode when using python2.

o  Jiří Šašek <>
   * BUG 13704: notifyd: Fix SIGBUS on sparc.

o  Swen Schillig <>
   * BUG 13791: ctdb: Buffer write beyond limits.

o  Lukas Slebodnik <>
   * BUG 13773: CVE-2019-3824 ldb: Out of bound read in ldb_wildcard_compare.

o  Martin Schwenke <>
   * BUG 13790: ctdb-config: Change example recovery lock setting to one that
   * BUG 13800: Fix recovery lock bug.


o  Jeremy Allison <>
   * BUG 13690: smbd: uid: Don't crash if 'force group' is added to an existing
     share connection.
   * BUG 13770: s3: VFS: vfs_fruit. Fix the NetAtalk deny mode compatibility

o  Andrew Bartlett <>
   * ldb: Release ldb 1.5.3
   * BUG 13762: Avoid inefficient one-level searches.
   * BUG 13772: The test should not rely on order of entries in dict.

o  Tim Beale <>
   * BUG 13762: ldb: Avoid inefficient one-level searches.

o  Ralph Boehme <>
   * BUG 13776: tldap: Avoid use after free errors.

o  Günther Deschner <>
   * BUG 13746: s3-smbd: Use fruit:model string for mDNS registration.

o  David Disseldorp <>
   * BUG 13766: printing: Check lp_load_printers() prior to pcap cache update.

o  Christof Schmitt <>
   * BUG 13787: waf: Check for libnscd.

o  Andreas Schneider <>
   * BUG 13770: s3:vfs: Correctly check if OFD locks should be enabled or not.
   * BUG 13778: Public ZERO_STRUCT() uses undefined C11 function memset_s().


o  Jeremy Allison <>
   * BUG 13750: libcli: dns: Change internal DNS_REQUEST_TIMEOUT from 2 to 10

o  Tim Beale <>
   * BUG 13676: samba-tool SMB/sysvol connections do not work if SMBv1 is
   * BUG 13747: join: Throw CommandError instead of Exception for simple errors.

o  Günther Deschner <>
   * BUG 13774: s3-vfs: Add glusterfs_fuse vfs module.

o  Volker Lendecke <>
   * BUG 13742: ctdb: Print locks latency in machinereadable stats.

o  Stefan Metzmacher <>
   * BUG 13752: s4:server: Add support for 'smbcontrol samba shutdown'.

o  Anoop C S <>
   * BUG 13330: vfs_glusterfs: Adapt to changes in libgfapi signatures.
   * BUG 13774: s3-vfs: Use ENOATTR in errno comparison for getxattr.

o  Justin Stephenson <>
   * BUG 13727: s3:libsmb: Honor disable_netbios option in smbsock_connect_send.