Samba 4.0.17 Available for Download

                   Release Notes for Samba 4.0.17
                           April 15, 2014

This is the latest stable release of Samba 4.0.

Changes since 4.0.16:

o   Jeremy Allison <>
    * BUG 9878: Make "force user" work as expected.
    * BUG 9942: Fix problem with server taking too long to respond to a
    * BUG 9993: s3-printing: Fix obvious memory leak in
    * BUG 10344: SessionLogoff on a signed connection with an outstanding notify
      request crashes smbd.
    * BUG 10431: Fix STATUS_NO_MEMORY response from Query File Posix Lock request.
    * BUG 10508: smbd: Correctly add remote users into local groups.
    * BUG 10534: Cleanup messages.tdb record after unclean smbd shutdown.

o   Christian Ambach <>
    * BUG 9911: Fix build on AIX with IBM XL C/C++ (gettext detection issues).
    * BUG 10308: Fix String Conversion Errors with Samba 4.1.0 Build on AIX 7.1.

o   Andrew Bartlett <>
    * smbd: Split create_conn_struct into a fn that does not change the
      working dir.

o   Gregor Beck <>
    * BUG 10458: Fix 'wbinfo -i' with one-way trust.
    * s3:rpc_server: Minor refactoring of process_request_pdu().

o   Kai Blin <>
    * BUG 10471: Don't respond with NXDOMAIN to records that exist with another

o   Alexander Bokovoy <>
    * BUG 10504: lsa.idl: Define lsa.ForestTrustCollisionInfo and
      ForestTrustCollisionRecord as public structs.

o   Günther Deschner <>
    * BUG 10439: Increase max netbios name components.

o   David Disseldorp <>
    * BUG 10188: doc: Add "spoolss: architecture" parameter usage.
    * BUG 10484: Initial FSRVP rpcclient requests fail with

o   Daniel Liberman <>
    * BUG 10387: 'net ads search' on high latency networks can return a partial
      list with no error indication.

o   Stefan Metzmacher <>
    * BUG 10344: SessionLogoff on a signed connection with an outstanding notify
      request crashes smbd.
    * BUG 10422: max xmit > 64kb leads to segmentation fault.
    * BUG 10444: smbd_server_connection_terminate("CTDB_SRVID_RELEASE_IP")
      panics from within ctdbd_migrate() with invalid lock_order.
    * BUG 10464: samba4 services not binding on IPv6 addresses causing
      connection delays.
    * tevent: Fix crash bug in tevent_queue_immediate_trigger().

o   Garming Sam <>
    * BUG 10378: dfs: Always call create_conn_struct with root privileges.

o   Andreas Schneider <>
    * BUG 10472: pidl: waf should have an option for the dir to install perl
      files and do not glob.
    * BUG 10474: s3-spoolssd: Don't register spoolssd if epmd is not running.
    * BUG 10481: s3-rpc_server: Fix handling of fragmented rpc requests.

o   Gustavo Zacarias <>
    * BUG 10506: Make 'smbreadline' build with readline 6.3.