Samba 3.0.6 Available for Download

                  Release Notes for Samba 3.0.6
                           Aug 19, 2004

This is the latest stable release of Samba. This is the version
that production Samba servers should be running for all
current bug-fixes.  There have been several issues fixes since
the 3.0.4/5 release and new features have been added as well.
See the "Changes" section for details on exact updates.

Common bugs fixed in 3.0.6 include:

  o Schannel failure in winbindd.
  o Numerous memory leaks.
  o Incompatibilities between the 'write list' and 'force user'
    smb.conf options.
  o Premature optimization of the open_directory() internal 
    function that broke tools such as the ArcServe backup 
    agent, Macromedia HomeSite, and Robocopy.
  o Corrupt workgroup names in nmbd's browse.dat.
  o Sharing violation errors commonly seen when opening
    when serving Microsoft Office documents from a Samba 
    file share.
  o Browsing problems caused by an apostrophe (') in the 
    computer's description field.
  o Problems creating special file types from UNIX CIFS 
    clients and enabling 'unix extensions'.
  o Fix stalls in smbd caused by inaccessible LDAP servers.
  o Remove various memory leaks.
  o Fix issues in the password lockout feature.

New features introduced in this release include:

  o Support symlinks created by CIFS clients which 
    can be followed on the server.
  o Using a cups server other than localhost.
  o Maintaining the service principal entry in the system 
    keytab for integration with other kerberized services.
    Please refer to the 'use kerberos keytab' entry in 
    smb.conf(5).  When using the heimdal kerberos libraries,
    you must also specify the following in /etc/krb5.conf:
       default_keytab_name = FILE:/etc/krb5.keytab
  o Support for maintaining individual printer names
    stored separately from the printer's sharename.
  o Support for maintaining user password history.
  o Support for honoring the logon times for user in a 
    Samba domain.

unix extensions = yes (default) and symlinks

Beginning with Samba 3.0.6pre1 (formerly known as 3.0.5pre1), 
clients supporting the UNIX extensions to the CIFS protocol 
can create symlinks to absolute paths which will be **followed** 
by the server.  This functionality has been requested in order 
to correctly support certain applications when the user's home 
directory is mounted using some type of CIFS client (e.g. the 
cifsvfs in the Linux 2.6 kernel).

If this behavior is not acceptable for your production environment
you can set 'wide links = no' in the specific share declaration in 
the server's smb.conf.  Be aware that disabling wide link support 
out of a share in Samba may impact the server's performance due 
to the fact that smbd will now have to check each path additional 
times before traversing it.
Password History Support 

The new password history feature allows smbd to check the new 
password in password change requests against a list of the user's
previous passwords.  The number of previous passwords to save can 
be set using pdbedit (4 in this example):

   root# pdbedit -P "password history" -C 4

When using the ldapsam passdb backend, it is vital to secure the 
following attributes from access by non-administrative users:

   * sambaNTPassword
   * sambaLMPassword
   * sambaPasswordHistory

You should refer to your directory server's documentation on how 
to implement this restriction.


Changes since 3.0.6rc2

o   Jeremy Allison 
    * Ensure we return the same ACL revision on the wire that 
      W2K3 does.
    * BUG 1578: Hardcode replacement for invalid characters as '_'
      (based on fix from Alexander E. Patrakov ).
    * Fix hashed password history for LDAP backends.
    * Enforce logon hours restrictions if confiogured (based on code 
      from Richard Renard ).
    * BUG 1606: Force smbd to disable sendfile with DOS clients 
      and ensure that the chained header is filled in for ...&X 
    * BUG 1602: Fix access to shares when all symlink support 
      has been disabled.

o   Gerald (Jerry) Carter 
    * Tighten the cache consistency with the ntprinters.tdb entry 
      an the in memory cache associated with open printer handles.
    * Make sure that register_messages_flags() doesn't overwrite 
      the originally registered flags.

o   Guenther Deschner 
    * Correct infinite loop in pam_winbind's verification of 
      group membership in the 'other sids' field in the user_info3 

o   Steve French 
    * prevent infinite recusion in reopen_logs() when expanding 
      the smb.conf variable %I.

o   Volker Lendecke 
    * Improved NT->AFS ACL mapping VFS module.

o   Buchan Milne 
    * Mandrake packaging fixes.

o   Lars Mueller 
    * Fix compiler warnings in the kerberos client code.

o   James Peach 
    * Prevent smbd from attempting to use sendfile at all if it is 
      not supported by the server's OS.
    * Allow SWAT to search for index.html when serving html files 
      in a directory.

o   Jelmer Vernooij 
    * BUG 1474: Fix build of --with-expsam stuff on Solaris.

Changes since 3.0.5

smb.conf changes

    Parameter Name              Action
    --------------              ------
    cups server                 New
    defer sharing violations    New
    force unknown acl user      New
    ldap timeout                New
    printcap cache time         New
    use kerberos keytab         New
o   Jeremy Allison  
    * Correct path parsing bug that broke DeletePrinterDriverEx().
    * Fix bugs in check_path_syntax() caught by asserts.
    * Internal change - rearrange internal global case setting 
      variables to a per connection basis.
    * BUG 1345: Fix premature optimization in unix_convert(). 
    * Allow clients to truncate a locked file.
    * BUG 1319: Always check to see if a user as write access
      to a share, even when 'force user' is set.
    * Fix specific case of open that doesn't cause oplock break, 
      or share mode check.
    * Correct sid type is WKN_GROUP, not alias. Added some 
      more known types (inspired by patch from Jianliang Lu).
    * Allow creation of absolute symlink paths via CIFS clients.
    * Fix charset bug in when invoking send_mailslot().
    * When using widelinks = no, use realpath to canonicalize 
      the connection path on connection create for the user. 
    * Enhance stat open code.
    * Fix unix extensions mknod code path.
    * Allow unix domain socket creation via unix extensions.
    * Auto disable the 'store dos attribute' parameter if the 
      underlying filesystem doesn't support EAs.
    * Implement deferred open code to fix a bug with Excel files 
      on Samba shares.
    * BUG 1427: Catch bad path errors at the right point.  Ensure 
      all our pathname parsing is consistent.
    * Fix SMB signing error introduced by the new deferred open 
    * Change default setting for case sensitivity to "auto". (see 
      commit message -- r1154 -- for details).
    * Add new remote client arch -- CIFSFS.
    * Allow smbd to maintain the service principal entry in the 
      system keytab file (based on patch Dan Perry , 
      Guenther Deschner, et. al.).
    * Fix longstanding memleak bug with logfile name.
    * Fix incorrect type in printer publishing (struct uuid, 
      not UUID_FLAT).
    * Heimdal compile fixes after introduction of the new ketyab 
    * Ensure we check attributes correctly on rename request.
    * Ensure we defer a sharing violation on rename correctly.
    * BUG 607: Ensure we remove DNS and DNSFAIL records immediately 
      on timeout.
    * Fix bogus error message when using "mangling method = hash" 
      rather than hash2.
    * Turn on sendfile by default for non-Win9x clients.
    * Handle non-io opens that cause oplock breaks correctly.
    * Ensure ldap replication sleep time is not more than 5 seconds.
    * Add support for storing a user's password history.
      LDAP portion of the code was based on a patch from 
      Jianliang Lu .
    * Correct memory leaks found in the password change code.
    * Fix support for the mknod command with the Linux CIFS client.
    * Remove support for passing the new password to smbpasswd 
      on the command line without using the -s option.
    * Ensure home directory service number is correctly reused
      (inspired by patches from Michael Collin Nielsen 
    * Fix to stop printing accounts from resetting the bas 
      password and account lockout flags.
    * If a account was locked out by an admin (and has a bad 
      password count of zero) leave it locked out until an admin 
      unlocks it (but log a message).

o   Tom Alsberg 
    * Allow pdbedit to export a single user from a passdb backend.

o   Andrew Bartlett   
    * Fix parsing bug in GetDomPwInfo().
    * Fix segfault in 'ntlm_auth --diagnostics'.
    * Re-enable code to allow sid_to_gid() to perform a group 
      mapping lookup before checking with winbindd.
    * Fix memory leak in the trans2 signing code.
    * Allow more flexible GSS-SPENGO client and server operation 
      in ntlm_auth.
    * Improve smbd's internal random number generation.
    * Fix a few outstanding long password changes in smbd.
    * Fix LANMAN2 session setup code.

o   Eric Boehm 
    BUG 703: Final touches on netgroup case lookups.
o   Jerome Borsboom 
    * Ensure error status codes don't get overwritten in 
      lsa_lookup_sids() server code.
    * Correct bug that caused smbd to overwrite certain error 
      codes when returning up the call stack.
    * Ensure the correct sid type returned for builtin sids.

o   Gerald Carter 
    * Fix a few bugs in the Fedora Packaging files.
    * Fix for setting the called name to by our IP if the 
      called name was *SMBSERVER and *SMBSERV.   Fixes issue 
      with connecting to printers via \\\printer 
      UNC path.
    * BUG 1315: fix for schannel client connections to servers
      when we haven't specifically negotiated AUTH_PIPE_SEAL.
    * Allow PrinterDriverData valuenames with embedded backslashes
      (Fixes bug with one of the Konica Fiery drivers).
    * Fixed string length miscalculation in netbios names that 
      resulted in corrupt workgroup names in browse.dat.
    * When running smbd as a daemon, launch child smbd to update 
      the lpq cache listing in the background.
    * Allow printers "Printers..." folder to be renamed to a string 
      other than the share name.
    * Allow winbindd to use domain trust account passwords when 
      running on a Samba DC to establish an schannel to remote 
    * Fix bad merge and ensure that we always use tdb_open_log() 
      instead of tdb_open_ex() (the former call enforce the 'use 
      mmap' parameter).
    * BUG 1221: revert old change that used single and double 
      quotes as delimeters in next_token(), and change 
      print_parameter() to print out parm values surrounded by 
      double quotes (instead of single quotes).
    * Prevent home directories added during the SMBsesssetup&X from 
      being removed as unused services.
    * Invalidate the print object cache for open printer handles when
      smbd receives a message that an attribute on a given printer 
      has been changed.
    * Cause the configure script to exit if --enable-cups[=yes] is 
      defined and the system does not have the cups devel files 
    * BUG 1297: Prevent map_username() from being called twice 
      during logon.
    * Ensure that we use the userPrincipalName AD attribute 
      value for LDAP SASL binds.
    * Ensure we remove the tdb entry when deleting a job that 
      is being spooled.
    * BUG 1520: Work around bug in Windows XP SP2 RC2 where the 
      client sends a FindNextPrintChangeNotify() request without 
      previously sending a FindFirstPrintChangeNotify().  Return 
      the same error code as Windows 2000 SP4.
    * BUG 1516: Manually declare ldap_open_with_timeout() to 
      workaround compiler errors on IRIX (or other systems without 
      LDAP headers).
    * Merge security fixes for CAN-2004-0600, CAN-2004-0686 from 
    * Corrected syntax error in the OID for sambaUnixIdPool, 
      sambaSidEntry, & sambaIdmapEntry object classes.

o   Fabien Chevalier 
    * Debian BUG 252591: Ensure that the return value from the 
      number of available interfaces is initialized in case no 
      interfaces are actually available.

o   Guenther Deschner  
    * Implement 'rpcclient setprintername'.
    * Add local groups to the user's NT_TOKEN since they are 
      actually supported now.
    * Heimdal compile fixes after introduction of the new keytab 
    * Correctly honor the info level parameter in 'rpcclient 
    * Reintroduce 'force unknown acl user' parameter.  When getting a 
      security descriptor for a file, if the owner sid is not known, 
      the owner uid is set to the current uid. Same for group sid.
    * Ensure that REG_SZ values in the SetPrinterData actually 
      get written in UNICODE strings rather than ASCII.
    * Ensure that the last kerberos error return is not invalid.
    * Display share ACL entries from rpcclient.

o   Fabian Franz 
    * Support specifying a port in the device URL passed to smbspool.
o   Steve French 
    * Handle -S and user mount parms in mount.cifs.
    * Fix user unmount of shares mount with suid mount.cifs.

o   Bjoern Jacke 
    * Install libsmbclient into $(LIBDIR), not into hard coded 
      ${prefix}/lib. This helps amd64 systems with /lib and /lib64 
      and an explicit configure --libdir setting.

    * Correct more memory leaks and initialization bugs.
    * Fix bug that prevented core dumps from being generated 
      even if you tried.
    * Connect to the winbind pipe in non-blocking mode to 
      prevent processes from hanging.
    * Memory leak fixes.

o   Stephan Kulow 
    * Fix crash bug in libsmbclient.

o   Volker Lendecke 
    * Added vfs_full_audit module.
    * Add vfs_afsacl.c which can display & set AFS acls via 
      the NT security editor.
    * Fix crash bug caused by trying to Base64 encode a NULL string.
    * Fix DOS error code bug in reply_chkpath().
    * Correct misunderstanding of the max_size field in 
      cli_samr_enum_als_groups;  it is more like an account_control 
      field with individual bits what to retrieve.
    * Implement 'net rpc group rename' -- rename domain groups.
    * Implement the 'cups server' option. This makes it possible 
      to have virtual smbd's connect to different cups daemons.
    * Paranoia fixes when adding local aliases to a user's NT_TOKEN.
    * Fix sid_to_gid() calls in winbindd to prevent loops.
    * Ensure that local_sid_to_gid() sets the type of the group on 
    * Make sure that the clients are given back the IP address to 
      which they connected in the case of a multi-homed host. Only 
      affects strings the spoolss printing replies.
    * Fix the bad password lockout. This has not worked as pdb_ldap.c 
      did not ask for the modifyTimestamp attribute, so it could 
      not find it.   Try not to regress by not putting that attrib 
      in the main list but append it manually for the relevant searches.
    * Fix two memleaks in login_cache.c.
    * fixes memory bloat when unmarshalling strings.
    * Fix compile errors using gcc 3.2 on SuSE 8.2.
    * Fix the build for systems without kerberos headers.
    * Allow winbindd to handle authentication requests only when 
      started without either an 'idmap uid' or 'idmap gid' range.
    * Fix the build for systems without ldap headers.
    * Fix interaction between share security descriptor and the 
      'read only' smb.conf option.
    * Fix bug that caused _samr_lookupsids() with more than 32 (
      MAX_REF_DOMAINS) SIDs to fail.
    * Allow the 'idmap backend' parameter to accept a list of 
      LDAP servers for failover purposes.
    * Revert code in smbd to remove a tdb when it has become 
    * Add paranoid checks when mapping SIDs to a uid/gid to 
      ensure that the type is correct.
    * Initial work on getting client support for sending mailslot 
    * Add 'ldap timeout' parameter.
    * Dont always uppercase 'afs username map'.
    * Expand aliases for getusersids as well.

o   Herb Lewis 
    * Add the acls debug class.
    * Fix logic bug in netbios name truncate routine.
    * Fix smbd crash caused by smbtorture IOCTL test.
    * Fix errno tromping before calling iconv to reset the 
      conversion state.
    * need to leave empty dacl so we can remove last ACE.

o    Jianliang Lu 
    * Fix to stop smbd hanging on missing group member in 
    * Make sure Samba returns the correct group types.
     * Reset the bad password count password counts upon a successful login.
o   Jim McDonough 
    * BUG 1279: SMBjobid fix for Samba print servers running on 
      Big-Endian platforms.

o   Joe Meadows 
    * Add optional timeout parameter to ldap open calls.
    * Allow get_dc_list() to check the negative cache.

o   Jason Mader 
    * BUG 1385: Don't use non-consts in a structure initialization.

o   Stefan Metzmacher     
    * fix a configure logic bug for linux/XFS quotas when 
      using --with-sys-quotas.
    * Use quota debug class in quota code.
    * print out the SVN revision by configure,

o   Lars Mueller 
    * BUG 1279: Added 'printcap cache time' parameter.
    * Fix afs related build issues on SuSE.

o   James Peach 
    * More iconv detection fixes for IRIX.
    * Compile fixed for systems that do not have C99/UNIX98 compliant 
      vsnprintf by default.

o   Dan Peterson
    * Implement NFS quota support on FreeBSD.

o   Tim Potter 
    * BUG 1360: Use -Bsymbolic when creating shared libraries to 
      avoid conflicts with identical symbols in the global namespace 
      when loading

o   Richard Renard 
    * Save the current password as it is being changed into the 
      password history list.

o   Richard Sharpe 
    * Fix error return codes on some lock messages.
    * BUG 1178: Make the libsmbclient routines callable 
      by C++ programs.
    * BUG 1333: Make sure we return an error code when 
      things go wrong.
    * BUG 1301: Return NT_STATUS_SHARING_VIOLATION when 
      share mode locking requests fail.

o   Simo Source 
    * Update Debian stable & unstable packaging.
    * Tidy up parametric options in testparm output.

o   Richard Sharpe 
    * Add sigchild handling to winbindd to restart the child 
      daemon if necessary.

o   Tom Shaw 
    * Use winbindd_fill_pwent() consistently.

o   Nick Thompson 
    * Protect smbd against broken filesystems which return zero 

o   Andrew Tridgell 
    * Fixed bug in handling of timeout in socket connections.

o   Nick Wellnhofer     
    * Prevent lp_interfaces() list from being corrupted.  Fixes
      bug where nmbd would lose the list of network interfaces 
      on the system and consequently shutdown.

o   James Wilkinson 
    * Fix ntlm_auth memory leaks.

o   Jelmer Vernooij 
    * Additional NT status to unix error mappings.
    * BUG 478: Rename vsnprintf to smb_vsnprintf so we don't 
     get duplicate symbol errors.
   * Return an error when the last command read from stdin 
     fails in smbclient.
   * Prepare for better error checking in tar.

Changes for older versions follow below:

                 Release Notes for Samba 3.0.5
                         July 20, 2004

Please note that Samba 3.0.5 is identical to Samba 3.0.4 with 
the exception of correcting the two security issues outlined 

######################## SECURITY RELEASE ########################

Summary:       Multiple Potential Buffer Overruns in Samba 3.0.x
CVE ID:        CAN-2004-0600, CAN-2004-0686

This is the latest stable release of Samba. This is the version
that production Samba servers should be running for all current

It has been confirmed that versions of Samba 3 prior to v3.0.4
are vulnerable to two potential buffer overruns.  The individual
details are given below.


Affected Versions:      Samba 3.0.2 and later

The internal routine used by the Samba Web Administration
Tool (SWAT v3.0.2 and later) to decode the base64 data
during HTTP basic authentication is subject to a buffer
overrun caused by an invalid base64 character.  It is
recommended that all Samba v3.0.2 or later installations
running SWAT either (a) upgrade to v3.0.5, or (b) disable
the swat administration service as a temporary workaround.

This same code is used internally to decode the
sambaMungedDial attribute value when using the ldapsam
passdb backend. While we do not believe that the base64
decoding routines used by the ldapsam passdb backend can
be exploited, sites using an LDAP directory service with
Samba are strongly encouraged to verify that the DIT only
allows write access to sambaSamAccount attributes by a
sufficiently authorized user.

The Samba Team would like to heartily thank Evgeny Demidov
for analyzing and reporting this bug.


Affected Versions:      Samba 3.0.0 and later

A buffer overrun has been located in the code used to support
the 'mangling method = hash' smb.conf option.  Please be aware
that the default setting for this parameter is 'mangling method
= hash2' and therefore not vulnerable.

Affected Samba 3 installations can avoid this possible security
bug by using the default hash2 mangling method.  Server
installations requiring the hash mangling method are encouraged
to upgrade to Samba 3.0.5.


                 Release Notes for Samba 3.0.4
                          May 8, 2004

Common bugs fixed in Samba 3.0.4 include:

  o Password changing after applying the patch described in 
    the Microsoft KB828741 article to Windows clients.
  o Crashes in smbd.
  o Managing print jobs via Windows on Big-Endian servers.
  o Several memory leaks in winbindd and smbd.
  o Compile issues on AIX and *BSD.

Changes since 3.0.3


o   Jeremy Allison 
    * Fix path processing for DeletePrinterDriverEx().
    * BUG 1303: Fix for Microsoft hotfix MS04-011 password change 

o   Andrew Bartlett 
    * Fix alignment bug in GetDomPwInfo().

o   Alexander Bokovoy 
    * Fix utime[s]() issues in smbwrapper on systems 
      that can boot both the 2.4 and 2.6 Linux kernels.

o   Gerald Carter 
    * Fedora packaging fixes.
    * BUG 1302: Fix seg fault by not trying to optimize a list of 
      invalid gids using the wrong array size.
    * BUG 1309: fix seg fault caused by trying to strdup(NULL)
      seen when 'security = share'.
    * Fix problems when using IBM's compiler on AIX.
    * Link Developer's Guide, Example Guide, and multi-page HOWTO
      into SWAT's welcome page.
    * BUG 1293: fix double free in printer publishing code.

o   Wim Delvaux 
    * Fix for handling timeouts in socket connections.

o   Michel Gravey 
    * BUG 483: patch from  to fix password hash creation in SWAT.

o   Volker Lendecke 
    * Close the open NT pipes before the tdis.
    * Fix AFS related build issues.
    * Handle error conditions when base64 encoding a blob of 0 bytes.

o   Herb Lewis 
    * Added 'acls' debug class.

    * Multiple variable initialization and memory leak fixes.
o   Stephan Kulow 
    * Fix string length bug in libsmbclient that caused KDE's 
      Konqueror to crash.
    * BUG 429: More libsmbclient fixes.

o   Jim McDonough 
    * BUG 1007, 1279: Store the print job using a little-endian key.

o   Eric Mertens
    o Compile fix for OpenBSD (ENOTSUP not supported).

o   Stefan Metzmacher 
    * Correct bug in disks quota views from explorer.

o   Tim Potter 
    BUG 1305: Correct debug output.

o   Richard Sharpe 
    * Fix incorrect error code mapping.

o   Jelmer Vernooij 
    * Add additional NT_STATUS errorm mappings.

Changes for older versions follow below:


                 Release Notes for Samba 3.0.3
                        April 29, 2004

Common bugs fixed in Samba 3.0.3 include:

  o Crash bugs and change notify issues in Samba's printing code.
  o Honoring secondary group membership on domain member servers.
  o TDB scalability issue surrounding the TDB_CLEAR_IF_FIRST flag.
  o Substitution errors for %[UuGg] in smb.conf.
  o winbindd crashes when using ADS security mode.
  o SMB signing errors.
  o Delays in winbindd startup caused by unnecessary 
    connections to trusted domain controllers.
  o Various small memory leaks.
  o Winbindd failing due to expired Kerberos tickets.

New features introduced in Samba 3.0.3 include:

  o Improved support for i18n character sets.
  o Support for account lockout policy based on
    bad password attempts.
  o Improved support for long password changes (>14
    characters) and strong password enforcement.
  o Support for Windows aliases (i.e. nested groups).
  o Experimental support for storing DOS attribute on files
    and folders in Extended Attributes.
  o Support for local nested groups via winbindd.
  o Specifying options to be passed directly to the CUPS libraries.

Please be aware that the Samba source code repository was 
migrated from CVS to Subversion on April 4, 2004.  Details on 
accessing the Samba source tree via anonymous svn can be found 

Changes since 3.0.2a
smb.conf changes

    Parameter Name              Action
    --------------              ------
    cups options                New
    ea support                  New
    only user                   Deprecated
    store dos attributes        New
    unicode                     Removed
    winbind nested groups       New


o   Jeremy Allison 
    * Ensure that Kerberos mutex is always properly unlocked.
    * Removed Heimdal "in-memory keytab" support.
    * Fixup the 'multiple-vuids' bugs in our server code.
    * Correct return code from lsa_lookup_sids() on unmapped
      sids (based on work by
    * Fix the "too many fcntl locks" scalability problem 
      raised by tridge.
    * Fixup correct (as per W2K3) returns for lookupsids 
      as well as lookupnames.
    * Fixups for delete-on-close semantics as per Win2k3 behavior.
    * Make SMB_FILE_ACCESS_INFORMATION call work correctly.
    * Fix "unable to initialize" bug when smbd hasn't been run with 
      new system and a user is being added via pdbedit/smbpasswd.
    * Added NTrename SMB (0xA5).
    * Fixup correct timeout values for blocking lock timeouts.
    * Fix various bugs reported by 'gentest'.
    * More locking fixes in the case where we own the lock.
    * Fix up regression in IS_NAME_VALID and renames.
    * Don't set allocation size on directories.
    * Return correct error code on fail if file exists and target 
      is a directory.
    * Added client "hardlink" comment to test doing NT rename with 
      hard links.  Added hardlink_internals() code - UNIX extensions 
      now use this as well.
    * Use a common function to parse all pathnames from the wire for 
      much closer emulation of Win2k3 error return codes.
    * Implement check_path_syntax() and rewrite string sub 
      functions for better multibyte support.
    * Ensure msdfs referrals are multibyte safe.
    * Allow msdfs symlink syntax to be more forgiving.
      eg. sym_link -> msdfs://server/share/path/in/share 
      or  sym_link -> msdfs:\\server\share\path\in\share.
    * Cleanup multibyte netbios name support in nmbd ( based on patch
      by MORIYAMA Masayuki ).
    * Fix check_path_syntax() for multibyte encodings which have 
      no '\' as second byte (based on work by
    * Fix the "dfs self-referrals as anonymous user" problem
      (based on patch from
    * BUG 1064: Ensure truncate attribute checking is done correctly 
      on "hidden" dot files.
    * Fix bug in anonymous dfs self-referrals again.
    * Fix get/set of EA's in client library
    * Added support for OS/2 EA's in smbd server.
    * Added 'ea support' parameter to smb.conf.
    * Added 'store dos attributes' parameter to smb.conf.
    * Fix wildcard identical rename.
    * Fix reply_ctemp - make compatible with w2k3.
    * Fix wildcard unlink.
    * Fix wildcard src with wildcard dest renames.      
    * BUG 1139: Fix based on suggestion by
      swap lookups for user and group - group will do an
      algorithmic lookup if it fails, user won't.
    * Make EA's lookups case independent.
    * Fix SETPATHINFO in 'unix extensions' support.
    * Make 3.x pass the Samba 4.x RAW-SEARCH tests - except for 
      the UNIX info levels, and the short case preserve names.

o   Timur Bakeyev 
    * BUG 1144: only set --with-fhs when the argument is 'yes'
    * BUG 1152: Allow python modules to build despite libraries added 
      to LDFLAGS instead of LDPATH.
    * BUG 1141: Fix nss*.so names on FreeBSD 5.x.

o   Craig Barratt 
    * BUG 389: Allow multiple exclude arguments with smbclient 
      tar -Xr options (better support for Amanda backup client).

o   Andrew Bartlett 
    * Include support for linking with cracklib for enforcing strong 
      password changes.
    * Add support for >14 character password changes from Windows 
    * Add 'admin set password' capability to 'net rpc'.
    * Allow 'net rpc samdump' to work with any joined domain 
      regardless of smb.conf settings.
    * Use an allocated buffer for count_chars.
    * Add sanity checks for changes in the domain SID in an 
      LDAP DIT.
    * Implement python unit tests for Samba's multibyte string 
    * Remove 'unicode' smb.conf option.
    * BUG 1138: Fix support for 'optional' SMB signing and other 
      signing bugs.
    * BUG 169: Fix NTLMv2-only behavior.
    * Ensure 'net' honors the 'netbios name' in the smb.conf by 
    * Support SMB signing on connections using only the LANMAN 
      password and generate the correct the 'session key' for these 
    * Implement --required-membership-of=, an ntlm_auth option 
      that restricts all authentication to members of this particular 
    * Improve our fall back code for password changes.
    * Only send the ntlm_auth 'ntlm-server-1' helper client a '.' 
      after the server had said something (such as an error).
    * Add 'ntlm-server-1' helper protocol to ntlm_auth.

o   Alexander Bokovoy 
    * Fix incorrect size calculation of the directory name 
    * Fix problems with very long filenames in both smbd and smbclient
      caused by truncating paths during character conversions.
    * Fix smbfs problem with Tree Disconnect issued before smbfs 
      starts its work.

o   Gerald Carter 
    * BUG 850: Fix 'make installmodules' bug on True64.
    * BUG 66: mark 'only user' deprecated.
    * Remove corrupt tdb and shutdown (only for printing tdbs, 
      connections, sessionid & locking).
    * decrement smbd counter in connections.tdb in smb_panic().
    * RedHat specfile updates.
    * Fix xattr.h build issue on Debian testing and SuSE 8.2.
    * BUG 1147; bad pointer case in get_stored_queue_info() 
      causing seg fault.
    * BUG 761: read the config file before initialized default 
      values for printing options; don't default to bsd printing 
    * Allow the 'printing' parameter to be set on a per share basis.
    * BUG 503: RedHat/Fedora packaging fixes regarding logrotate.
    * BUG 848: don't create winbind local users/groups that already 
      exist in the tdb.
    * BUG 1080: fix declaration of SMB_BIG_UINT (broke compile on 
    * BUG 488: fix the 'show client in col 1' button and correctly 
      enumerate active connections.
    * BUG 1007 (partial): Fix abort in smbd caused by byte ordering 
      problem when storing the updating pid for the lpq cache.
    * BUG 1007 (partial): Fix print change notify bugs.
    * BUG 1165, 1126: Fix bug with secondary groups (security = ads) 
      and winbind use default domain = yes.  Also ensures that 
    * BUG 1151: Ensure that winbindd users are passed through 
      the username map.
    * Fix client rpc binds for ASU derived servers (pc netlink, 
    * BUG 417, 1128: Ensure that the current_user_info is set
      consistently so that %[UuGg] is expanded correctly.
    * BUG 1195: Fix crash in winbindd when the ADS server is 
    * BUG 1185: Set reconnect time to be the same as the 
      'winbind cache time'.
    * Ensure that we return the sec_desc in smb_io_printer_info_2.
    * Change Samba printers Win32 attribute to PRINTER_ATTRIBUTE_LOCAL.
    * BUG 1095: Honor the '-l' option in smbclient.
    * BUG 1023: surround get_group_from_gid() with become_unbecome_root() 
    * Ensure server schannel uses the auth level requested by the 
    * Removed --with-cracklib option due to potential crash issue.
    * Fix -lcrypto linking problem with wbinfo.
    * BUG 761: allow printing parameter to set defaults on a per 
      share basis.
    * Add 'cups options' parameter to allow raw printing without 
      changing /etc/cups/cupsd.conf.
    * BUG 1081, 1183: Added remove_duplicate_gids() to smbd and 
    * BUG 1246: Fix typo in Fedora /etc/init.d/winbind.
    * BUG 1288: resolve any machine netbios name (0x00) and not just 
      servers (0x20).
    * BUG 1199: Fix potential symlink issue in 

o   Robert Dahlem 
    * BUG 1048:  Don't return short names when when 'mangled names = no'

o   Guenther Deschner 
    * Remove hard coded attribute name in the ads ranged retrieval
    * Add --with-libdir and --with-mandir to autoconf script.

o   Bostjan Golob 
    * BUG 1046: Fix  getpwent_list() so that the username is not 
      overwritten by other fields.

o   Landon Fuller 
    * BUG 1232: patch from (Landon Fuller) 
      to fix user/group enumeration on systems whose libc does not 
      call setgrent() before trying to enumerate users (i.e. 
      FreeBSD 5.2).

o   Steve French 
    * Update mount.cifs to version 1.1.
    * Disable dev (MS_NODEV) on user mounts from cifs vfs.
    * Fixes to minor security bug in the mount helper.
    * Fix credential file mounting for cifs vfs.
    * Fix free of incremented pointer in cifsvfs mount helper.
    * Fix path canonicalization of the mount target path and help 
      text display in the cifs mount helper.
    * Add missing guest mount option for mount.cifs.

o   SATOH Fumiyasu 
    * BUG 1055; formatting fixes for 'net share'.
    * BUG 692: correct truncation of share names and workgroup 
      names in smbclient.
    * BUG 1088: use strchr_m() for query_host (smbclient -L).
    * Patch from to internally count characters correctly.

o   Paul Green 
    * Update VOS _POSIX_C_SOURCE macro to 200112L.
    * Fix bug in configure.ion by moving the first use of 
      AC_CHECK_HEADERS so it is always executed.
    * Fix to only use $BLDSHARED to select whether to 
      build static or shared libraries.

o   Pat Haywarrd 
    * Make the session_users list dynamic (max of 128K).
o   Cal Heldenbrand  
    * Fix for for 'pam_smbpass migrate' functionality.

o   Chris Hertel 
    * fix enumeration of shares 12 characters in length via 

o   Ulrich Holeschak 
    * BUG 932: fix local password change using pam_smbpass

o   Krischan Jodies 
    * Implement 'net rpc group delete'

o   John Klinger 
    * Return NSS_SUCCESS once the max number of gids possible 
       has been found in initgroups() on Solaris.
    * BUG 1182: Re-enable the -n 'no cache' option for winbindd.

o   Volker Lendecke 
    * Fix success message for net groupmap modify.
    * Fix errors when enumerating members of groups in 'net rpc'.
    * Match Windows behavior in samr_lookup_names() by returning
      ALIAS(4) when you search in BUILTIN. 
    * Fix server SAMR code to be able to set alias info for 
      builtin as well. 
    * Fix duplication of logic when creating groups via smbd.
    * Ensure that the HWM values are set correctly after running 
      'net idmap'.
    * Add 'net rpc group add'.
    * Implement 'net groupmap set' and 'net groupmap cleanup'.
    * Add 'net rpc group [add|del]mem' for domain groups and aliases.
    * Fix wb_delgrpmem (wbinfo -o).
    * As a DC we should not reply to lsalookupnames on DCNAME\\user.
    * Fix sambaUserWorkstations on a Samba DC.
    * Implement wbinfo -k: Have winbind generate an AFS token after
      authenticating the user.
    * Add expand_msdfs VFS module for providing referrals based on the
      the client's IP address.
    * Implement client side NETLOGON GetDCName function.
    * Fix caching of name->sid lookups.
    * Add support in winbindd for expanding nested local groups.
    * Fix memleak in winbindd.
    * Fix msdfs proxy.
    * Don't list domain groups from BUILTIN.
    * Fix memleak in policy handle utility functions.
    * Decrease winbindd startup time by only contacting trusted 
      domains as necessary.
    * Allow winbindd to ask the DC for its domain for a trusted 
    * Fix Netscape DS schema based on comments from 
    * Correct case where adding a domain user to a XP local group 
      did a lsalookupname on the user without domain prefix, and 
    * Fix segfault in winbindd caused by 'wbinfo -a'.

o   Herb Lewis 
    * Fix typo for tag in proto file.
    * Add missing #ifdef HAVE_BICONV stuff.
    * Truncate Samba's netbios name at the first '.' (not 
      right to left).

o   Derrell Lipman 
    * Bug fixes and enhancements to libsmbclient library.

o   Jianliang Lu 
    * Enforce the 'user must change password at next login' flag.
    * Decode meaning of 'fields present' flags (improves support 
      for usrmgr.exe).
    * NTLMv2 fixes.
    * Don't force an upper case domain name in the ntlmssp code.

o   L. Lucius .
    * type fixes.

o   Jim McDonough 
    * Add versioning support to tdbsam.
    * Update the IBM Directory Server schema with the OpenLDAP 
    * Various decoding fixes to improve usrmgr.exe support.
    * Fix statfs redeclaration of statfs struct on ppc
    * Implement support for password lockout of Samba domain 
      controllers and standalone servers.
    * Get MungedDial attribute actually working with full TS 
      strings in it for pdb_ldap.
    * BUG 1208 (partial): Improvements for working with expired krb5 
      tickets in winbindd.
    * Use timegm, or our already existing replacement instead of 
      timezone (spotted by Andrzej Tobola ).
    * Remove modifyTimestamp from list of our attributes.  
    * Fix lsalookupnames to check for domain users as well as local 
    * Merge struct uuid replacement for GUID from trunk.
    * BUG 1208: Finish support for handling expired tickets in 
      winbindd (in conjunction with Guenther Deschner ).

o   Stefan Metzmacher 
    * Implement new VERSION schema based on subversion revision 
    * Add shadow_copy vfs module.
    * Fix segault in login_cache support.

o    Heinrich Mislik 
     o BUG 979 -- Fix quota display on AIX.

o   James Peach 
    * Correct check for printf() format when using the SGI MIPSPro 
    * BUG 1038: support backtrace for 'panic action' on IRIX.
    * BUG 768: Accept profileing arg to IRIX init script.
    * BUG 748: Relax arg parsing to sambalp script (IRIX).
    * BUG 758: Fix pdma build.
    * Search IRIX ABI paths for libiconv.  Based on initial fix from 
      Jason Mader.

o   Kurt Pfeifle 
    * Add example shell script for migrating drivers and printers 
      from a Windows print server to a Samba print server using 
      smbclient/rpcclient (examples/printing/VamireDriversFunctions).

o   Tim Potter 
    * Fix logic bug in tdb non-blocking lock routines when 
      errno == EAGAIN.
    * BUG 1025: Include sys/acl.h in check for broken nisplus 
      include files.      
    * BUG 1066: s/printf/d_printf/g in SWAT.
    * BUG 1098: rename internal msleep() function to fix build 
      problems on AIX.
    * BUG 1112: Fix for writable printerdata problem in python bindings.
    * BUG 1154: Remove reference to  in tdbdump.c.
    * BUG 1155: enclose use of fchown() with guards.
    * Relicense tdb python module as LGPL.

o   Richard Sharpe 
    * Add support to smbclient for multiple logins on the same 
      session (based on work by
    * Correct blocking condition in smbd's use of accept() on IRIX.
    * Add support for printing out the MAC address on nmblookup.

o   Simo Source 
    * Replace unknown_3 with fields_present in SAMR code.
    * More length checks in strlcat().

o   Andrew Tridgell 
    * Rewrote the AIX UESS backend for winbindd.
    * Fixed compilation with --enable-dmalloc.
    * Change tdb license to LGPL (see source/tdb/tdb.c).
    * Force winbindd to use schannel in clients connections to 
      DC's if possible.

o   Jelmer Vernooij 
   * Fix ETA Calculation when resuming downloads in smbget.
   * Add -O (for writing downloaded files to standard out) 
     based on patch by Bas van Sisseren .
    * Fix syntax error in example mysql table

o   TAKEDA yasuma 
    * BUG 900: fix token processing in cmd_symlink, cmd_link, 
      cmd_chown, cmd_chmod smbclient functions.

o   Shiro Yamada 
    * BUG 1129: install image files for SWAT.


                  Release Notes for Samba 3.0.2a
                        February 13, 2004

Samba 3.0.2a is a minor patch release for the 3.0.2 code base
to address, in particular, a problem when using pdbedit to 
sanitize (--force-initialized-passwords) Samba's tdbsam 
backend.   This is the latest stable release of Samba. This 
is the version that all production Samba servers should be 
running for all current bug-fixes.  

******************* Attention! Achtung! Kree! *********************

Beginning with Samba 3.0.2, passwords for accounts with a last 
change time (LCT-XXX in smbpasswd, sambaPwdLastSet attribute in
ldapsam, etc...) of zero (0) will be regarded as uninitialized 
strings.  This will cause authentication to fail for such
accounts.  If you have valid passwords that meet this criteria, 
you must update the last change time to a non-zero value.  If you 
do not, then  'pdbedit --force-initialized-passwords' will disable 
these accounts and reset the password hashes to a string of X's.

******************* Attention! Achtung! Kree! *********************

Changes since 3.0.2


Please refer to the CVS log for the SAMBA_3_0 branch for complete
details.  The list of changes per contributor are as follows:

o   Jeremy Allison 
    * Added paranoia checks in parsing code.

o   Andrew Bartlett 
    * Ensure that changes to uninitialized passwords in ldapsam 
      are written to the DIT.

o   Gerald (Jerry) Carter 
    * Fixed iterator in tdbsam.
    * Fix bug that disabled accounts with a valid NT password 
      hash, but no LanMan hash.

o   Steve French 
    * Added missing nosetuid and noexec options.

o   Bostjan Golob 
    * BUG 1046: Don't overwrite usernames of entries returned 
      by getpwent_list().

o   Sebastian Krahmer 
    * Fixed potential crash bug in NTLMSSP parsing code.

o   Tim Potter 
    * Fixed logic in tdb_brlock error checking.

o   Urban Widmark 
    * Set nosuid,nodev flags in smbmnt by default.
                  Release Notes for Samba 3.0.2
                        February 9, 2004

It has been confirmed that previous versions of Samba 3.0 are
susceptible to a password initialization bug that could grant an 
attacker unauthorized access to a user account created by the shell script.

The Common Vulnerabilities and Exposures project ( 
has assigned the name CAN-2004-0082 to this issue.

Samba administrators not wishing to upgrade to the current 
version should download the 3.0.2 release, build the pdbedit 
tool, and run 

   root# pdbedit-3.0.2 --force-initialized-passwords
This will disable all accounts not possessing a valid password
(e.g. the password field has been set a string of X's).

Samba servers running 3.0.2 are not vulnerable to this bug 
regardless of whether or not pdbedit has been used to sanitize
the passdb backend.

Some of the more visible bugs in 3.0.1 addressed in the 3.0.2
release include:

  o Joining a Samba domain from Pre-SP2 Windows 2000 clients.
  o Logging onto a Samba domain from Windows XP clients.
  o Problems with the %U and %u smb.conf variables in relation to 
    Windows 9x/ME clients.
  o Kerberos failures due to an invalid in memory keytab detection
  o Updates to the ntlm_auth tool.
  o Fixes for various SMB signing errors.
  o Better separation of WINS and DNS queries for domain controllers.
  o Issues with nss_winbind FreeBSD and Solaris.
  o Several crash bugs in smbd and winbindd.
  o Output formatting fixes for smbclient for better compatibility
    with scripts based on the 2.2 version.

Changes since 3.0.1

smb.conf changes

    Parameter Name              Action
    --------------              ------
    ldap replication sleep      New
    read size                   removed (unused)
    source environment          removed (unused)


Please refer to the CVS log for the SAMBA_3_0 branch for complete
details.  The list of changes per contributor are as follows:

o   Jeremy Allison 
    * Revert change that broke Exchange clear text samlogons.
    * Fix gcc 3.4 warning in MS-DFS code.
    * Tidy up of NTLMSSP code.
    * Fixes for SMB signing errors
    * BUG 815: Workaround NT4 bug to support plaintext
      password logins and UNICODE.
    * Fix SMB signing bug when copying large files.
    * Correct error logic in mkdir_internals() (caused a panic
      when combined with --enable-developer).
    * BUG 830: Protect against crashes due to bad character 

o   Petri Asikainen 
    * BUG 330, 387:Fix single valued attribute updates when 
      working with Novell NDS.

o   Andrew Bartlett 
    * Correctly handle per-pipe NTLMSSP inside a NULL session.
    * Fix segfault in gencache 
    * Fix early free() of encrypted_session_key.
    * Change DC lookup routines to more carefully separate
      DNS names (realms) from NetBIOS domain names.
    * Add new sid_to_dn() function for internal winbindd use.
    * Refactor cli_ds_enum_domain_trusts().
    * BUG 707: Implement range retrieval of ADS attributes (based 
      on work from Volker  and Guenther Deschner 
    * Automatically initialize the signing engine if a session key
      is available.
    * BUG 916: Do not perform a + -> ' ' substitution for squid URL 
      encoded strings, only form input in SWAT.
    * Resets the NTLMSSP state for new negotiate packets.
    * Add 2-byte alignments in net_samlogon() queries to parse 
      odd-length plain text passwords.
    * Allow Windows groups with no members in winbindd.
    * Allow normal authentication in the absence of a server 
      generated session key.
    * More optimizations for looking up UNIX group lists.
    * Clean up error codes and return values for pam_winbindd
      and winbindd PAM interface.
    * Fix string return values in ntlm_auth tool.
    * Fix segfault when 'security = ads' but no realm is defined.
    * BUG 722: Allow winbindd to map machine accounts to uids.
    * More cleanups for winbindd's find_our_domain().
    * More clearly detect whether a domain controller is an NT4
      or mixed-mode AD DC (additional bug fixes by jerry & jmcd).
    * Increase separation between DNS queries for hosts and queries
      for AD domain controllers.
    * Include additional NT_STATUS to PAM error mappings.
    * Password initialization fixes.

o   Justin Baugh 
    * BUG 948: Implement missing functions required for FreeBSD 
      nss_winbind support. 

o   Alexander Bokovoy 
    * BUG 922: Make sure enable fast path for strlower_m() and 

o   Luca Bolcioni 
    * Fix crash when using 'security = server' and 'encrypt 
      passwords = no' by always initializing the session key.

o   Dmitry Butskoj 
    * Fix for special files being hidden from admins.

o   Gerald (Jerry) Carter 
    * Fix bug in the lanman session key generation.  Caused 
      "decode_pw: incorrect password length" error messages.
    * Save the right case for the located user name in 
      fill_sam_account().  Fixes %U/%u expansion for win9x clients.
    * BUG 897: Add well known rid for pre win2k compatible access
    * BUG 887: Correct typo in delete user script example.
    * Use short lived TALLOC_CTX* for allocating printer objects 
      from the print handle cache.
    * BUG 912: Fix check for HAVE_MEMORY_KEYTAB.
    * Fix several warnings reported by the SUN Forte C compiler.
    * Fully control DNS queries for AD DC's using 'name resolve order'.
    * BUG 770: Send the SMBjobid for UNIX jobs back to the client.
    * BUG 972: Fix segfault in cli_ds_getprimarydominfo().
    * BUG 936: fix bind credentials for schannel binds in smbd.
    * BUG 446: Fix output of smbclient for better compatibility 
      with scripts based on the 2.2 version (including Amanda).
    * BUG 891, 949: Fedora packaging fixes.
    * Fix bug that caused rpcclient to incorrectly retrieve 
      the SID for a server (this causing all calls that required 
      this information to fail). 
    * BUG 977: Don't create a homes share for a user if a static 
      share already exists by the same name.
    * Removed unused smb.conf options.
    * Password initialization fixes.
    * Set the disable flag for template accounts created by
    * Disable any account has no passwords and does not have the
      ACB_PWNOTREQ bit set.

o   Guenther Deschner 
    * Install should be put into the $(libdir) 
      and not $(bindir).
    * Add the capability to specify the new user password 
      for "net ads password" on the command line.
    * Correctly detect AFS headers on SuSE.

o   James Flemer 
    * Fix AIX compile bug by linking HAVE_ATTR_LIST to 

o   Luke Howard 
    * Fix segfault in session setup reply caused by a early free().

o   Stoian Ivanov 
    * Implement grepable output for smbclient -L.

o   LaMont Jones 
    * BUG 225328 (Debian): Correct false failure LFS test that resulted 
      in  _GNU_SOURCE not being defined (thus resulting in strndup() 
      not being defined).

o   Volker Lendecke 
    * BUG 583: Ensure that user names always contain the short 
      version of the domain name.
    * Fix our parsing of the LDAP uri.
    * Don't show the 'afs username map' in the SWAT basic view.
    * Fix SMB signing issues in relation to failed NTLMSSP logins.
    * BUG 924: Fix return codes in smbtorture harness.
    * Always lower-case usernames before handing it to AFS code.
    * Add a German translation for SWAT.
    * Fix a segfaults in winbindd.
    * Fix the user's domain passed to register_vuid() from 
    * Add NSS example code in nss_winbind to convert UNIX 
      id's <-> Windows SIDs.
    * Display more descriptive error messages for login via 'net'.
    * Fix compiler warning in the net tool.
    * Fix length bug when decoding base64 strings.
    * Ensure we don't call getpwnam() inside a loop that is iterating 
      over users with getpwent().  This broke on glibc 2.3.2.

o   Herb Lewis 
    * Fix bit rot in psec.

o   Jianliang Lu 
    * Ensure we delete the group mapping before calling the delete 
      group script.
    * Define well known RID for managing the  "Power Users" group.
    * BUG 381: check builtin (not local) group SID when updating 
      group membership.
    * BUG 101: set the SV_TYPE_PRINTQ_SERVER flag in host announcement 

o   John Klinger 
    * Implement initgroups() call in nss_winbind on Solaris.

o   Jim McDonough 
    * Fix regression in net rpc join caused by recent changes 
      to cli_lsa_query_info_policy().
    * BUG 964: Fix crash bug in 'net rpc join' using a preexisting
      machine account.

o   MORIYAMA Masayuki 
    * BUG 570: Ensure that configure honors the LDFLAGS variable.

o   Stefan Metzmacher 
    * Implement LDAP rebind sleep patch.
    * Revert to 2.2 quota code because of so many broken quota files 
      out there.
                      XFS_USER_QUOTA -> USRQUOTA
                      XFS_GROUP_QUOTA -> GRPQUOTA
    * Fix disk_free calculation with group quotas.
    * Add debug class 'quota' and a lot of DEBUG()'s 
      to the quota code.
    * Fix sys_chown() when no chown() is present.
    * Add SIGABRT to fault handling in order to catch got a 
      backtrace if an error occurs the OpenLDAP client libs.

    * Allow an existing LDAP machine account to be re-used when 
      joining an AD domain.

o   James Peach 
    * BUG 889: Change smbd to use pread/pwrite on platforms that 
      support these calls. Can lead to a significant speed increase.

o   Tim Potter 
    * BUG 905: Remove POBAD_CC to fix Solaris Forte compiles.
    * BUG 924: Fix typo in RW2 torture test.
o   Richard Sharpe 
    * Small fixes to torture.c to cleanup the error handling 
      and prevent crashes.

o   J. Tournier 
    * Small fixes for the smbldap-tool scripts.

o   Andrew Tridgell 
    * Fix src len check in pull_usc2().
o   Jelmer Vernooij 
    * Put functions for generating SQL queries in pdb_sql.c
    * Add pgSQL backend (based on patch by Hamish Friedlander)
    * BUG 908: Fix -s option to smbcontrol.    
    * Add smbget utility - a wget-clone for the SMB/CIFS protocol.
    * Fix for libnss_wins on IRIX platforms.
    * Fix swatdir for --with-fhs.


                  Release Notes for Samba 3.0.1
                        December 15, 2003

Some of the more common bugs in 3.0.0 addressed in the release 

  o Substitution problems with smb.conf variables.
  o Errors in return codes which caused some applications
    to fail to open files.
  o General Protection Faults on Windows 2000/XP clients
    using Samba point-n-print features.
  o Several miscellaneous crash bugs.
  o Access problems when enumerating group mappings are
    stored in an LDAP Directory.
  o Several common SWAT bugs when writing changes to
  o Internal inconsistencies when 'winbind use default
    domain = yes'

Changes since 3.0.0

    Parameter Name              Action
    --------------              ------
    hide local users            Removed
    mangled map                 Deprecated
    mangled stack               Removed
    passwd chat timeout         New


o   Change the interface for init_unistr2 to not take a length 
    but a flags field.  We were assuming that 
    2*strlen(mb_string) == length of ucs2-le string.  (bug 480).
o   Allow d_printf() to handle strings with escaped quotation 
    marks since the msg file includes the escape character (bug 489).
o   Fix bad html table row termination in SWAT wizard code (bug 413).
o   Fix to parse the level-2 strings.
o   Fix for "valid users = %S" in [homes].  Fix read/write 
    list as well. 
o   Change AC_CHECK_LIB_EXT to prepend libraries instead of append.  
    This is the same way AC_CHECK_LIB works (bug 508).
o   Testparm output fixes for clarity.
o   Fix broken wins hook functionality -- i18n bug (bug 528).
o   Take care of condition where DOS and NT error codes must differ.
o   Default to using only built-in charsets when a working iconv 
    implementation cannot be located.
o   Wrap internals of sys_setgroups() so the sys_XX() call can 
    be done unconditionally (bug 550).
o   Remove duplicate smbspool link on SWAT's front page (bug 541).
o   Save and restore CFLAGS before/after AC_PROG_CC.  Ensures that
    --enable-debug=[yes|no] works correctly.
o   Allow ^C to interrupt smbpasswd if using our getpass 
    (e.g. smbpasswd command).
o   Support signing only on RPC's (bug 167).
o   Correct bug that prevented  Excel 2000 clients from opening 
    files marked as read-only.
o   Portability fix bugs 546 - 549).
o   Explicitly initialize the value of AR for vendor makes that don't
    do this (e.g. HPUX 11).  (bug 552).
o   More i18n fixes for SWAT (bug 413).
o   Change the cwd before the postexec script to ensure that a
    umount will succeed.
o   Correct double free that caused winbindd to crash when a DC 
    is rebooted (bug 437).
o   Fix incorrect mode sum (bug 562).
o   Canonicalize SMB_INFO_ALLOCATION in the same was as
o   Add script to generate *msg files.
o   Add Dutch SWAT translation file.
o   Make sure to call get_user_groups() with the full winbindd 
    name for a user if he/she has one (bug 406).
o   Fix up error code returns from Samba4 tester. Ensure invalid 
    paths are validated the same way.  
o   Allow Samba3 to pass the Samba4 RAW-READ tests.
o   Refuse to configure if --with-expsam=$BACKEND was used but no 
    libraries were found for $BACKEND.
o   Move sysquotas autoconf tests to a separate file.
o   Match W2K w.r.t. writelock and writeclose.  Samba4 torture 
o   Make sure that the files that contain the static_init_$subsystem; 
    macro get recompiled after configure by removing the object 
o   Ensure canceling a blocking lock returns the correct error 
o   Match Samba 2.2 behavior; make ACB_NORMAL the default ACB value.
o   Updated Japanese welcome file in SWAT.
o   Fix to  nt-time <-> unix-time functions reversible.
o   Ensure that winbindd uses the the escaped DN when querying
    an AD ldap server.
o   Fix portability issues when compiling (bug 505, 550)
o   Compile fix for tdbbackup when Samba needs to override 
    non-C99 compliant implementations of snprintf().
o   Use @PICSUFFIX@ instead of .po in (bug 574).
o   Make sure we break out of samsync loop on error.
o   Ensure error code path doesn't free unmalloc()'d memory
    (bug 628).
o   Add configure test for krb5_keytab_entry keyblock vs key 
    member (bug 636).
o   Fixed spinlocks.
o   Modified testparm so that all output so all debug output goes 
    to stderr, and all file processing goes to stdout.
o   Fix error return code for BUFFER_TOO_SMALL in smbcacls 
    and smbcquotas.
o   Fix "NULL dest in safe_strcpy()" log message by ensuring that 
    we have a devmode before copying a string to the devicename.
o   Support mapping REALM.COM\user to a local user account (without 
    running winbindd)  for compatibility with 2.2.x release.
o   Ensure we don't use mmap() on blacklisted systems.
o   fixed a number of bugs and memory leaks in the AIX 
    winbindd shim
o   Call initgroups() in SWAT before becomming the user so that
    secondary group permissions can be used when writing to 
o   Fix signing problems when reverse connecting back to a 
    client for printer notify
o   Fix signing problems caused by a miss-sequence bug.
o   Missing map in errormap for ERROR_MORE_DATA -> ERRDOS, ERRmoredata.
    Fixes NEXUS tools running on Win9x clients (bug 64).
o   Don't leave the domain field uninitialized in cli_lsa.c if some 
    SID could not be mapped.
o   Fix segfault in mount.cifs helper when there is no options 
    specified during mount.
o   Change the \n after the password prompt to go to tty instead 
    of stdout (bug 668).
o   Stop net -P from prompting for machine account password (bug 451).
o   Change in behavior to Not only change the effective uid but also
    the real uid when becoming unprivileged.
o   Cope with Exchange 5.5 cleartext pop password auth.
o   New files for support of initshutdown pipe.  Win2k doesn't 
    respond properly to all requests on the winreg pipe, so we need 
    to handle this new pipe (bug 534).
o   Added more va_copy() checks in
o   Include fixes for libsmbclient build problems.
o   Missing UNIX -> DOS codepage conversion in lanman.c.
o   Allow DFMS-S filenames can now have arbitrary case (bug 667).
o   Parameterize the listen backlog in smbd and make it larger by
    default. A backlog of 5 is way too small these days.
o   Check for an invalid fid before dereferencing the fsp pointer
    (bug 696).
o   Remove invalid memory frees and return codes in pdb_ldap.c.
o   Prompt for password when invoking --set-auth-user and no 
    password is given.
o   Bind the nmbd sending socket to the 'socket address'.
o   Re-order link command for smbd, rpcclient and smbpasswd to ensure 
    $LDFLAGS occurs before any library specification (bug 661).
o   Fix large number of printf() calls for 64-bit size_t.
o   Fix AC_CHECK_MEMBER so that SLES8 does correctly finds the 
    keyblock in the krb5 structs.
o   Remove #include  in hopes to avoid problems with 
    apache header files.
o   Correct winbindd build problems on HP-UX 11.
o   Lowercase netgroups lookups (bug 703).
o   Use the actual size of the buffer in strftime instead of a made
    up value which just happens to be less than sizeof(fstring).  
    (bug 713).
o   Add ldaplibs to pdbedit link line (bug 651).
o   Fix crash bug in smbclient completion (bug 659).
o   Fix packet length for browse list reply (bug 771).
o   Fix coredump in cli_get_backup_list().
o   Make sure that we expand %N (bug 612).
o   Allow rpcclient adddriver command to specify printer driver 
    version (bug 514).
o   Compile tdbdump by default.
o   Apply patches to fix iconv detection for FreeBSD.
o   Do not allow the 'guest account' to be added to a passdb backend 
    using smbpasswd or pdbedit (bug 624).
o   Save LDFLAGS during iconv detection (bug 57).
o   Run krb5 logins through the username map if the winbindd 
    lookup fails (bug 698).
o   Add const for lp_set_name_resolve_order() to avoid compiler 
    warnings (bug 471).
o   Add support for the %i macro in smb.conf to stand in for the for
    the local IP address to which a client connected.
o   Allow winbindd to match local accounts to domain SID when 
    'winbind trusted domains only = yes' (bug 680).
o   Remove code in idmap_ldap that searches the user suffix and group 
    suffix.  It's not needed and provides inconsistent functionality 
    from the tdb backend.
o   Patch to handle munged dial string for Windows 2000 TSE.
    Thanks to Gaz de France, Direction de la Recherche, Service 
    Informatique Métier for their supporting this work by Aurelien 
    Degrémont .
o   Correct the "smbldap_open: cannot access when not root error"
    messages when looking up group information (bug 281).
o   Skip over the winbind separator when looking up a user.
    This fixes the bug that prevented local users from
    matching an AD user when not running winbindd (bug 698).
o   Fix a problem with configure on *BSD systems. Make sure
    we add -liconv etc to LDFLAGS.
o   Fix core dump bug when "security = server" and the authentication
    server goes away.
o   Correct crash bug due to an empty munged dial string.
o   Show files locked by a specific user (smbstatus -u 'user') 
    (bug 590).
o   Fix bug preventing print jobs from display in the queue
    monitor used by Windows NT and later clients (bug 660).
o   Fix several reported problems with point-n-print from
    Windows 2000/XP clients due to a bug in the EnumPrinterDataEx()
    reply (bug 338, 527 & 643).
o   Fix a handful of potential memory leaks in the LDAP code used
    by ldapsam[_compat] and the LDAP idmap backend.
o   Fix for pdbedit error code returns (bug 763).
o   Make sure we only enumerate group mapping entries  (not 
    /etc/group) even when doing local aliases.
o   Relax check on the pipe name in a dce/rpc bind response to work 
    around issues with establishing trusts to a Windows 2003 domain.
o   Ensure we mangle names ending in '.' in hash2 mangling method.
o   Correct parsing issues with munged dial string.
o   Fix bugs in quota support for XFS.
o   Add a cleaner method for applications that need to provide 
    name->SID mappings to do this via NSS rather than having to 
    know the winbindd pipe protocol.
o   Adds a variant of the winbindd_getgroups() call called 
    winbindd_getusersids() that provides direct SID->SIDs listing of 
    a users supplementary groups. This is enough to allow non-Samba 
    applications to do ACL checking.
o   Make sure we don't append the 'ldap suffix' when writing out the 
    'ldap XXX suffix' values in SWAT (bug 328).
o   Fix renames across file systems.
o   Ensure that items in a list of strings containing whitespace are 
    written out surrounded by single quotes.  This means that both 
    double and single quotes are now used to surround strings in 
    smb.conf (bug 481).
o   Enable SWAT to correctly determine if winbindd is running (bug 
o   Include WWW-Authenticate field in 401 response for bad auth 
    attempt (bug 629).
o   Add support for NTLM2 (NTLMv2 session security).
o   Add support for variable-length session keys.
o   More privilege fixes for group enumeration in LDAP (bug 281).
o   Use the dns name (or IP) as the originating client name when
    using CUPS (bug 467).
o   Fix various SMB signing bugs.
o   Fix ACL propagation on a DFS root (bug 263).
o   Disable NTLM2 for RPC pipes.
o   Allow the client to specify the NTLM2 flags got NTLMSSP 
o   Change the name of the job passed off to cups from "Test Page" 
    to "smbprn.00000033 Test Page" so that we can get the smb 
    jobid back. This allow users to delete jobs with cups printing 
    backend (partial work on bug 770).
o   Fix build of winbindd with static pdb modules.
o   Retrieve the correct ACL group bits if the file has an ACL 
    (bug 802).
o   Implement "net rpc group members": Get members of a domain group 
    in human-readable format.
o   Add MacOSX (Darwin) specific charset module code.
o   Use samr_dispinfo(level == 1) for enumerating domain users so we 
    can include the full name in gecos field (bug 587).
o   Add support for winbind's NSS library on FeeeBSD 5.1 (bug 797).
o   Implement 'net rpc group list [global|local|builtin]*' for a 
    select listing of the respective user databases.
o   Don't automatically set NT status code flag unless client tells 
    us it can cope.
o   Add 'net status [sessions|shares] [parseable]'.
o   Don't mistake pre-existing UNIX jobs for smb jobs (remainder of  
    bug 770).
o   Add 'Replicator' and 'RAS Servers' to list of builtin SIDs 
   (bug 608).
o   Fix inverted logic in hosts allow/deny checks caused by 
    s/strcmp/strequal/ (bug 846).
o   Implement correct version SamrRemoveSidForeignDomain() (bug 252).
o   Fix typo in 'hash' mangling algorithm.
o   Support munged dial for ldapsam (bug 800).
o   Fix process_incoming_data() to return the number of bytes handled 
    this call whether we have a complete PDU or not; fixes bug 
    with multiple PDU request rpc's broken over SMBwriteX calls 
o   Fix incorrect smb flags2 for connections to pre-NT servers 
    (causes smbclient to fail to OS2 for example) (bug 821).
o   Update version string in smbldap-tools Makefile to 0.8.2.
o   Correct a problem with "net rpc vampire" mis-parsing the 
    alias member info reply.
o   Ensure the ${libdir} is created by the installclientlib script.
o   Fix detection of Windows 2003 client architecture in the smb.conf
    %a variable.
o   Ensure that smbd calls the add user script for a missing UNIX 
    user on kerberos auth call (bug 445).
o   Fix bugs in hosts allow/deny when using a mismatched 
    network/netmask pair.
o   Protect alloc_sub_basic() from crashing when the source string 
    is NULL (partial work on bug 687).
o   Fix spinlocks on IRIX.
o   Corrected some bad destination paths when running "configure 
o   Add packaging files for Fedora Core 1.
o   Correct bug in SWAT install script for non-english languages.
o   Support character set ISO-8859-1 internally (bug 558).
o   Fixed more LDAP access errors when looking up group mappings 
    (bug 281).
o   Fix UNISTR2 length bug in LsaQueryInfo(3) that caused SID 
    resolution to fail on local files on on domain members 
    (bug 875).
o   Fix uninitialized variable in passdb.c.
o   Fix formal parameter type in get_static() in nsswitch/wins.c.
o   Fix problem mounting directories when mount.cifs is installed 
    with the setuid bit on.
o   Fix bug that prevent --mandir from overriding the defaults
    given in the --with-fhs macro.
o   Fix bug in in-memory Kerberos keytab detection routines 


              The original 3.0.0 release notes follow
                    WHATS NEW IN Samba 3.0.0
                        September 24, 2003

Major new features:

1)  Active Directory support.  Samba 3.0 is now able to  
    join a ADS realm as a member server and authenticate 
    users using LDAP/Kerberos.

2)  Unicode support. Samba will now negotiate UNICODE on the wire 
    and internally there is now a much better infrastructure for 
    multi-byte and UNICODE character sets.

3)  New authentication system. The internal authentication system 
    has been almost completely rewritten. Most of the changes are 
    internal, but the new auth system is also very configurable.

4)  New default filename mangling system.

5)  A new "net" command has been added. It is somewhat similar to 
    the "net" command in windows. Eventually we plan to replace 
    numerous other utilities (such as smbpasswd) with subcommands 
    in "net".

6)  Samba now negotiates NT-style status32 codes on the wire. This
    improves error handling a lot.

7)  Better Windows 2000/XP/2003 printing support including publishing
    printer attributes in active directory.

8)  New loadable module support for passdb backends and character 

9)  New default dual-daemon winbindd support for better performance.

10) Support for migrating from a Windows NT 4.0 domain to a Samba 
    domain and maintaining user, group and domain SIDs.

11) Support for establishing trust relationships with Windows NT 4.0
    domain controllers.
12) Initial support for a distributed Winbind architecture using
    an LDAP directory for storing SID to uid/gid mappings.
13) Major updates to the Samba documentation tree.

14) Full support for client and server SMB signing to ensure
    compatibility with default Windows 2003 security settings.

15) Improvement of ACL mapping features based on code donated by
    Andreas Grünbacher.

Plus lots of other improvements!

Additional Documentation

Please refer to Samba documentation tree (included in the docs/ 
subdirectory) for extensive explanations of installing, configuring
and maintaining Samba 3.0 servers and clients.  It is advised to 
begin with the Samba-HOWTO-Collection for overviews and specific 
tasks (the current book is up to approximately 400 pages) and to 
refer to the various man pages for information on individual options.

We are very glad to be able to include the second edition of
"Using Samba" by Jay Ts, Robert Eckstein, and David Collier-Brown
(O'Reilly & Associates) in this release.  The book is available
on-line at and is included with 
the Samba Web Administration Tool (SWAT).  Thanks to the authors and
publisher for making "Using Samba" under the GNU Free Documentation 

Upgrading from a previous Samba 3.0 beta

Beginning with Samba 3.0.0beta3, the RID allocation functions
have been moved into winbindd.  Previously these were handled
by each passdb backend.  This means that winbindd must be running
to automatically allocate RIDs for users and/or groups.  Otherwise,
smbd will use the 2.2 algorithm for generating new RIDs.

If you are using 'passdb backend = tdbsam' with a previous Samba 
3.0 beta release (or possibly alpha), it may be necessary to 
move the RID_COUNTER entry from /usr/local/samba/private/passdb.tdb
to winbindd_idmap.tdb.  To do this:

1)  Ensure that winbindd_idmap.tdb exists (launch winbindd at least 
2)  build tdbtool by executing 'make tdbtool' in the source/tdb/ 
3)  run: (note that 'tdb>' is the tool's prompt for input)

       root# ./tdbtool /usr/local/samba/private/passdb.tdb
       tdb> show RID_COUNTER
       key 12 bytes
       data 4 bytes
       [000] 0A 52 00 00                                       .R.

       tdb> move RID_COUNTER /usr/local/samba/var/locks/winbindd_idmap.tdb
       record moved

If you are using 'passdb backend = ldapsam', it will be necessary to 
store idmap entries in the LDAP directory as well (i.e. idmap backend 
= ldap).  Refer to the 'net idmap' command for more information on 
migrating SID<->UNIX id mappings from one backend to another.

If the RID_COUNTER record does not exist, then these instructions are
unneccessary and the new RID_COUNTER record will be correctly generated
if needed.  

Upgrading from Samba 2.2

This section is provided to help administrators understand the details
involved with upgrading a Samba 2.2 server to Samba 3.0.


Many of the options to the GNU autoconf script have been modified 
in the 3.0 release.  The most noticeable are:

  * removal of --with-tdbsam (is now included by default; see section
    on passdb backends and authentication for more details)
  * --with-ldapsam is now on used to provided backward compatible
    parameters for LDAP enabled Samba 2.2 servers.  Refer to the passdb 
    backend and authentication section for more details
  * inclusion of non-standard passdb modules may be enabled using
    --with-expsam.  This includes an XML backend and a mysql backend.
  * removal of --with-msdfs (is now enabled by default)
  * removal of --with-ssl (no longer supported)
  * --with-utmp now defaults to 'yes' on supported systems
  * --with-sendfile-support is now enabled by default on supported 

This section contains a brief listing of changes to smb.conf options
in the 3.0.0 release.  Please refer to the smb.conf(5) man page for
complete descriptions of new or modified parameters.

Removed Parameters (order alphabetically):

  * admin log
  * alternate permissions
  * character set
  * client codepage
  * code page directory
  * coding system
  * domain admin group
  * domain guest group
  * force unknown acl user
  * hide local users
  * mangled stack
  * nt smb support
  * postscript
  * printer driver
  * printer driver file
  * printer driver location
  * read size
  * source environment
  * status
  * strip dot
  * total print jobs
  * use rhosts
  * valid chars
  * vfs options

New Parameters (new parameters have been grouped by function):

  Remote management
  * abort shutdown script
  * shutdown script

  User and Group Account Management
  * add group script
  * add machine script
  * add user to group script
  * algorithmic rid base
  * delete group script
  * delete user from group script
  * passdb backend
  * set primary group script

  * auth methods
  * realm
  * passwd chat timeout

  Protocol Options
  * client lanman auth
  * client NTLMv2 auth
  * client schannel
  * client signing
  * client use spnego
  * disable netbios
  * ntlm auth
  * paranoid server security
  * server schannel
  * server signing
  * smb ports
  * use spnego

  File Service
  * get quota command
  * hide special files
  * hide unwriteable files
  * hostname lookups
  * kernel change notify
  * mangle prefix
  * map acl inherit
  * msdfs proxy
  * set quota command
  * use sendfile
  * vfs objects
  * max reported print jobs

  UNICODE and Character Sets
  * display charset
  * dos charset
  * unicode
  * unix charset
  SID to uid/gid Mappings
  * idmap backend
  * idmap gid
  * idmap uid
  * winbind enable local accounts
  * winbind trusted domains only
  * template primary group
  * enable rid algorithm

  * ldap delete dn
  * ldap group suffix
  * ldap idmap suffix
  * ldap machine suffix
  * ldap passwd sync
  * ldap replication sleep
  * ldap user suffix
  General Configuration
  * preload modules
  * private dir

Modified Parameters (changes in behavior):

  * encrypt passwords (enabled by default)
  * mangling method (set to 'hash2' by default)
  * passwd chat
  * passwd program
  * restrict anonymous (integer value)
  * security (new 'ads' value)
  * strict locking (enabled by default)
  * unix extensions (enabled by default)
  * winbind cache time (increased to 5 minutes)
  * winbind uid (deprecated in favor of 'idmap uid')
  * winbind gid (deprecated in favor of 'idmap gid')


This section contains brief descriptions of any new databases 
introduced in Samba 3.0.  Please remember to backup your existing 
${lock directory}/*tdb before upgrading to Samba 3.0.  Samba will 
upgrade databases as they are opened (if necessary), but downgrading 
from 3.0 to 2.2 is an unsupported path.

Name                    Description                             Backup?
----                    -----------                             -------
account_policy          User policy settings                    yes
gencache                Generic caching db                      no
group_mapping           Mapping table from Windows              yes
                        groups/SID to unix groups        
winbindd_idmap          ID map table from SIDS to UNIX          yes
namecache               Name resolution cache entries           no
netsamlogon_cache       Cache of NET_USER_INFO_3 structure      no
                        returned as part of a successful
                        net_sam_logon request 
printing/*.tdb          Cached output from 'lpq                 no
                        command' created on a per print 
                        service basis
registry                Read-only samba registry skeleton       no
                        that provides support for exporting
                        various db tables via the winreg RPCs

Changes in Behavior

The following issues are known changes in behavior between Samba 2.2 and 
Samba 3.0 that may affect certain installations of Samba.

  1)  When operating as a member of a Windows domain, Samba 2.2 would 
      map any users authenticated by the remote DC to the 'guest account'
      if a uid could not be obtained via the getpwnam() call.  Samba 3.0
      rejects the connection as NT_STATUS_LOGON_FAILURE.  There is no 
      current work around to re-establish the 2.2 behavior.
  2)  When adding machines to a Samba 2.2 controlled domain, the 
      'add user script' was used to create the UNIX identity of the 
      machine trust account.  Samba 3.0 introduces a new 'add machine 
      script' that must be specified for this purpose.  Samba 3.0 will
      not fall back to using the 'add user script' in the absence of 
      an 'add machine script'

Passdb Backends and Authentication

There have been a few new changes that Samba administrators should be
aware of when moving to Samba 3.0.

  1) encrypted passwords have been enabled by default in order to 
     inter-operate better with out-of-the-box Windows client 
     installations.  This does mean that either (a) a samba account
     must be created for each user, or (b) 'encrypt passwords = no'
     must be explicitly defined in smb.conf.
  2) Inclusion of new 'security = ads' option for integration 
     with an Active Directory domain using the native Windows
     Kerberos 5 and LDAP protocols.

     MIT kerberos 1.3.1 supports the ARCFOUR-HMAC-MD5 encryption 
     type which is neccessary for servers on which the 
     administrator password has not been changed, or kerberos-enabled 
     SMB connections to servers that require Kerberos SMB signing.
     Besides this one difference, either MIT or Heimdal Kerberos
     distributions are usable by Samba 3.0.

Samba 3.0 also includes the possibility of setting up chains
of authentication methods (auth methods) and account storage 
backends (passdb backend).  Please refer to the smb.conf(5) 
man page for details.  While both parameters assume sane default 
values, it is likely that you will need to understand what the 
values actually mean in order to ensure Samba operates correctly.

The recommended passdb backends at this time are

  * smbpasswd - 2.2 compatible flat file format
  * tdbsam - attribute rich database intended as an smbpasswd
    replacement for stand alone servers
  * ldapsam - attribute rich account storage and retrieval 
    backend utilizing an LDAP directory.  
  * ldapsam_compat - a 2.2 backward compatible LDAP account 
Certain functions of the smbpasswd(8) tool have been split between the 
new smbpasswd(8) utility, the net(8) tool, and the new pdbedit(8) 
utility.  See the respective man pages for details.

This section outlines the new features affecting Samba / LDAP 

New Schema
A new object class (sambaSamAccount) has been introduced to replace 
the old sambaAccount.  This change aids us in the renaming of 
attributes to prevent clashes with attributes from other vendors.  
There is a conversion script (examples/LDAP/convertSambaAccount) to 
modify and LDIF file to the new schema.
  $ ldapsearch .... -b "ou=people,dc=..." > sambaAcct.ldif
  $ convertSambaAccount --sid= \
    --input=sambaAcct.ldif --output=sambaSamAcct.ldif \
The  can be obtained by running 'net getlocalsid 
' on the Samba PDC as root.  The changetype determines 
the format of the generated LDIF output--either create new entries 
or modify existing entries.
The old sambaAccount schema may still be used by specifying the 
"ldapsam_compat" passdb backend.  However, the sambaAccount and
associated attributes have been moved to the historical section of
the schema file and must be uncommented before use if needed.
The 2.2 object class declaration for a sambaAccount has not changed
in the 3.0 samba.schema file. 
Other new object classes and their uses include:
  * sambaDomain - domain information used to allocate rids 
    for users and groups as necessary.  The attributes are added
    in 'ldap suffix' directory entry automatically if 
    an idmap uid/gid range has been set and the 'ldapsam'
    passdb backend has been selected.
  * sambaGroupMapping - an object representing the 
    relationship between a posixGroup and a Windows
    group/SID.  These entries are stored in the 'ldap 
    group suffix' and managed by the 'net groupmap' command.
  * sambaUnixIdPool - created in the 'ldap idmap suffix' entry 
    automatically and contains the next available 'idmap uid' and 
    'idmap gid'
  * sambaIdmapEntry - object storing a mapping between a 
    SID and a UNIX uid/gid.  These objects are created by the 
    idmap_ldap module as needed.

  * sambaSidEntry - object representing a SID alone, as a Structural
    class on which to build the sambaIdmapEntry.

New Suffix for Searching
The following new smb.conf parameters have been added to aid in directing
certain LDAP queries when 'passdb backend = ldapsam://...' has been

  * ldap suffix         - used to search for user and computer accounts
  * ldap user suffix    - used to store user accounts
  * ldap machine suffix - used to store machine trust accounts
  * ldap group suffix   - location of posixGroup/sambaGroupMapping entries
  * ldap idmap suffix   - location of sambaIdmapEntry objects

If an 'ldap suffix' is defined, it will be appended to all of the 
remaining sub-suffix parameters.  In this case, the order of the suffix
listings in smb.conf is important.  Always place the 'ldap suffix' first
in the list.  

Due to a limitation in Samba's smb.conf parsing, you should not surround 
the DN's with quotation marks.

IdMap LDAP support

Samba 3.0 supports an ldap backend for the idmap subsystem.  The 
following options would inform Samba that the idmap table should be
stored on the directory server onterose in the "ou=idmap,dc=plainjoe,
dc=org" partition.

    idmap backend     = ldap:ldap://onterose/
    ldap idmap suffix = ou=idmap,dc=plainjoe,dc=org
    idmap uid         = 40000-50000
    idmap gid         = 40000-50000

This configuration allows winbind installations on multiple servers to
share a uid/gid number space, thus avoiding the interoperability problems
with NFS that were present in Samba 2.2.

Trust Relationships and a Samba Domain

Samba 3.0.0beta2 is able to utilize winbindd as the means of 
allocating uids and gids to trusted users and groups.  More
information regarding Samba's support for establishing trust 
relationships can be found in the Samba-HOWTO-Collection included
in the docs/ directory of this release.

First create your Samba PDC and ensure that everything is 
working correctly before moving on the trusts.

To establish Samba as the trusting domain (named SAMBA) from a Windows NT
4.0 domain named WINDOWS:

  1) create the trust account for SAMBA in "User Manager for Domains"
  2) connect the trust from the Samba domain using
     'net rpc trustdom establish GLASS'

To create a trustlationship with SAMBA as the trusted domain:

  1) create the initial trust account for GLASS using
     'smbpasswd -a -i GLASS'.  You may need to create a UNIX
     account for GLASS$ prior to this step (depending on your
     local configuration).
  2) connect the trust from a WINDOWS DC using "User Manager
     for Domains"

Now join winbindd on the Samba PDC to the SAMBA domain using
the normal steps for adding a Samba server to an NT4 domain:
(note that smbd & nmbd must be running at this point)

   root# net rpc join -U root

Start winbindd and test the join with 'wbinfo -t'.

Now test the trust relationship by connecting to the SAMBA DC
(e.g. POGO) as a user from the WINDOWS domain:

   $ smbclient //pogo/netlogon -U Administrator -W WINDOWS

Now connect to the WINDOWS DC (e.g. CRYSTAL) as a Samba user:

   $ smbclient //crystal/netlogon -U root -W WINDOWS

Changes in Winbind

Beginning with Samba3.0.0beta3, winbindd has been given new account
manage functionality equivalent to the 'add user script' family of
smb.conf parameters.  The idmap design has also been changed to 
centralize control of foreign SID lookups and matching to UNIX 
uids and gids.

Brief Description of Changes

1) The sid_to_uid() family of functions (smbd/uid.c) have been 
   reverted to the 2.2.x design.  This means that when resolving a 
   SID to a UID or similar mapping:

        a) First consult winbindd
        b) perform a local lookup only if winbindd fails to
           return a successful answer

   There are some variations to this, but these two rules generally

2) All idmap lookups have been moved into winbindd.  This means that
   a server must run winbindd (and support NSS) in order to achieve
   any mappings of SID to dynamically allocated UNIX ids.  This was
   a conscious design choice.

3) New functions have been added to winbindd to emulate the 'add user 
   script' family of smbd functions without requiring that external
   scripts be defined.  This functionality is controlled by the 'winbind 
   enable local accounts' smb.conf parameter (enabled by default).

   However, this account management functionality is only supported 
   in a local tdb (winbindd_idmap.tdb).  If these new UNIX accounts 
   must be shared among multiple Samba servers (such as a PDC and BDCs), 
   it will be necessary to define your own 'add user script', et. al.
   programs that place the accounts/groups in some form of directory
   such as NIS or LDAP.  This requirement was deemed beyond the scope
   of winbind's account management functions.  Solutions for 
   distributing UNIX system information have been deployed and tested 
   for many years.  We saw no need to reinvent the wheel.

4) A member of a Samba controlled domain running winbindd is now able 
   to map domain users directly onto existing UNIX accounts while still
   automatically creating accounts for trusted users and groups.  This
   behavior is controlled by the 'winbind trusted domains only' smb.conf
   parameter (disabled by default to provide 2.2.x winbind behavior).

5) Group mapping support is wrapped in the local_XX_to_XX() functions
   in smbd/uid.c.  The reason that group mappings are not included
   in winbindd is because the purpose of Samba's group map is to
   match any Windows SID with an existing UNIX group.  These UNIX
   groups can be created by winbindd (see next section), but the
   SID<->gid mapping is retreived by smbd, not winbindd.


* security = server running winbindd to allocate accounts on demand

* Samba PDC running winbindd to handle the automatic creation of UNIX
  identities for machine trust accounts

* Automtically creating UNIX user and groups when migrating a Windows NT
  4.0 PDC to a Samba PDC.  Winbindd must be running when executing
  'net rpc vampire' for this to work.

Known Issues

* There are several bugs currently logged against the 3.0 codebase
  that affect the use of NT 4.0 GUI domain management tools when run
  against a Samba 3.0 PDC.  This bugs should be released in an early 
  3.0.x release.

Please refer to for a current list of bugs 
filed against the Samba 3.0 codebase.

Reporting bugs & Development Discussion

Please discuss this release on the samba-technical mailing list or by
joining the #samba-technical IRC channel on

If you do report problems then please try to send high quality
feedback. If you don't provide vital information to help us track down
the problem then you will probably be ignored.  

A new bugzilla installation has been established to help support the 
Samba 3.0 community of users.  This server, located at, has replaced the older jitterbug server 
previously located at