Part VI. Reference Section

Table of Contents

42. How to Compile Samba
Access Samba Source Code via Subversion
Subversion Access to
Accessing the Samba Sources via rsync and ftp
Verifying Samba's PGP Signature
Building the Binaries
Compiling Samba with Active Directory Support
Starting the smbd nmbd and winbindd
Starting from inetd.conf
Alternative: Starting smbd as a Daemon
43. Portability
Red Hat Linux
AIX: Sequential Read Ahead
Locking Improvements
Winbind on Solaris 9
44. Samba and Other CIFS Clients
Macintosh Clients
OS2 Client
Configuring OS/2 Warp Connect or OS/2 Warp 4
Configuring Other Versions of OS/2
Printer Driver Download for OS/2 Clients
Windows for Workgroups
Latest TCP/IP Stack from Microsoft
Delete .pwl Files After Password Change
Configuring Windows for Workgroups Password Handling
Password Case Sensitivity
Use TCP/IP as Default Protocol
Speed Improvement
Windows 95/98
Speed Improvement
Windows 2000 Service Pack 2
Windows NT 3.1
45. Samba Performance Tuning
Socket Options
Read Size
Max Xmit
Log Level
Read Raw
Write Raw
Slow Logins
Client Tuning
Samba Performance Problem Due to Changing Linux Kernel
Corrupt tdb Files
Samba Performance is Very Slow
46. LDAP and Transport Layer Security
Generating the Certificate Authority
Generating the Server Certificate
Installing the Certificates
47. Samba Support
Free Support
Commercial Support
48. DNS and DHCP Configuration Guide
Features and Benefits
Example Configuration
Dynamic DNS
DHCP Server