Sony PCG-V1XS Picturebook Camera Capture Program

I've written a simple program to capture images/movies on the Sony VAIO PCG-C1XS running Linux with the inbuilt camera. The program is very much experimental, but it does seem to work for quite a few people. I'll put more info up here as I get time.

Meanwhile, here is the source or you can get the latest via anonymous CVS from the picturebook module on See for details on how to use CVS.



Here are the specs for the VRJ and MCHIP chips


July 25th 2000 dma now works, also the YUV routines are much faster - I now get about 30fps at 320x200 and 15fps at 640x480. The snap mode is much better but still buggy.

Other Utilities

I have also written a couple of other utilities that can set the brightness on a VAIO and check the battery status. See, July 2000