Not really a screen shot, but I thought that it was worth putting in: here is a scanned photo of three machines running "surround DUMB". For details of how to do this with DUMB v0.10, see README.netplay.

Screen Shot 1

Screenshot: e4m2-shot.jpg
Resolution: 320x200

DUMB now has all the monsters and objects of Doom and Doom II. Here we see the cyberdemon doing his thing. An unfortunate player is about to get exploded!

Screen Shot 2

Screenshot: game-shot1.jpg
Resolution: 320x200

DUMB also has its own set of free graphic textures, and tools for building these up into an original game. This is a shot of the small map that comes with the current distribution of DUMB.

Screen Shot 3

Screenshot: doom-shot1.jpg
Resolution: 480x360

DUMB can render Doom levels better than Doom can! Here we see a high resolution image from from Doom 1's E2M1, illustrating DUMB's ability to pan the view port up and down.

Screen Shot 4

Screenshot: xwad-shot1.gif
Resolution: 564x408

DUMB comes with a graphical map editor for the X11 window system. You can use this tool to generate map ready to be played by dumb, or even just to edit conventional Doom levels. Since this screen shot is quite large, what you see to the right is a (large) thumbnail. Click on it to see the big picture.

Screen Shot 5

Screenshot: tbrowse-shot.gif
Resolution: 307x197

Here is another window dump from the map editor, XWad. This one shows the new texture broswer widget that appears in version 0.04

Screen Shot 6

Screenshot: xproto-shot.gif
Resolution: 438x334

Another new festure with version 0.04 is XProtoThing, an application for previewing protothings under X. This tool will make it easier to develop new objects and monsters for use with all new games.

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